City plans for Reedy Creek being meet with signs against

This signs have begun sprouting up in the neighborhood.

If you see these signs and are wondering what’s up, we’ve got a few answers. Well, more correctly the Reedy Creek Coalition has the answers.

The very short answer is that opponents feel that the city has not done it’s due diligence in planning a restoration plan that will end up doing more damage than good. The full reasoning behind this opposition is very well laid out in the Top 5 Reasons for Opposition to the Proposed Stream Restoration in Reedy Creek.

Reason 1: Lack of Data Collection for Proper Choice of Stream Restoration Site
Reason 2: Proposed Site is “High Risk”
Reason 3: Address Root Causes of Stream Degradation First: Watershed Restoration before Stream Restoration
Reason 4: Proposed Site is “Low Benefit”
Reason 5: Destruction of Tree Canopy and Park Property

Currently the vote to approve funds (City Council) is not on the agenda.  The final design plans  are not public yet so not out for bids yet. The last bit of information had it at  a$1.2M project 1/2 DEQ and 1/2 City $635,000.

We’re checking on sign availability and don’t have the answer yet. If you’re desperate to get one contact the Reedy Creek Coalition at: The Reedy Creek Coalition is asking for a $15 donation if you would like to have a sign. Please contact them at

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