Christmas homicide under investigation

But different accounts make the motive for the shooting unclear.

An unknown gunman fatally shot Adam El, 25, on Christmas afternoon near Rocketts Landing after an argument over a dog, according to police.

El’s father, Tyrone Lipscombe-Bey, gave his account of events to NBC12:

Lipscombe-Bey says the dog ran out of his house, approaching three people getting out of a car. He says the trio was headed to a home, two houses down the block. Witnesses say the house was hosting a Christmas party, full of dozens of people.

Lipscombe-Bey says when his son went to retrieve the dog, an argument erupted. Lipscombe-Bey says one of the men punched El.

“He took a hard swing and hit Adam, and Adam never saw it coming,” continued the victim’s father.

Lipscombe-Bey says he ran to call police, and heard gunfire. “I know I heard three shots, and then four more shots.”

When Lipscombe-Bey rushed outside, he says he saw the three people walking into the home. He says his son was on the ground in the street, shot dead. “I turned him (Adam) over, and I saw he had been shot, and he had been shot in the chest.”

But the mother of property owner that held the holiday party said that El had a gun in his possession.

Police are still investigating.

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