Cards Against Urbanity fundraiser for Storefront for Community Design

Cards Against Urbanity is a card game for every planner or active citizen’s inner curmudgeon.

Most people have played or at least heard of Cards Against Humanity which rightfully calls itself a “party game for horrible people”.

This Friday at Storefront for Community Design (205 E Broad Street) there will be a fundraiser that is a unique take on Cards Against Humanity. It’s the urbanist’s spin called Cards Against Urbanity, created by a collaboration of planning firms up in DC through an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign.

Special guests include the creator of the game, Lisa Nisenson from Greater Places in DC, Bill Martin from the Valentine, and Burt Pinnock, an architect at Baskervill (who designed current renovations to the Black History Museum).

They’re also working on developing an RVA expansion pack for the game to include cards like, “Richmond, Capitol of ____” or “If ____ won’t make you come downtown, I don’t know what will.” It’s going to be a great night for fun-loving terrible people.

Friday February 20 at 6pm
205 East Broad Street

Levels of Support (We’ll be accepting cards too)

$10 Online Commenter
You have opinions. So many opinions.

$25 Civic Association President
You keep a very, very watchful eye over your territory. Also, homeownership!

$50 Planning Commission Member
Your vote counts….at least until it gets appealed to City Council.

$100 Mayor
You get to coin a new slogan for us. Tier One City? Building the Best Richmond? What will it be?

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