Car break-ins to report

Anybody else have their car broken into?

It appears that we’re experiencing a little car break-in spree on the 16th and the criminals like GPS devices. As always make sure to lock your cars  and please contact the police so they can spot any trends in the area. If you see suspicious activity don’t hesitate to call 911.

The first report was sent to Hills and Height Facebook page on February 17th.

Had someone steal some stuff out of my car parked in the alley last night. The alley was the one between 29 and 30 on riverside. Just an old gps and 35 cents. I left it unlocked by accident, no damage. Just heads up for the community. Also, harbor freight has wireless driveway alerts on sale for $17 I found out today.

The following was posted also on February 17th to the Forest Hill Neighborhood Facebook.

My wife and I live on W. 26th St. and had our cars broken into last night. Thankfully, no windows were broken and little was stolen except a dated GPS system from my wife’s car. I don’t think I locked and alarmed my car (dumb, I know) but my wife was pretty sure she had. So, what this says about the thieves’ ability I can’t entirely say. However, one of my wife’s co-workers and his wife – who also live in the neighborhood – also had their cars broken into last night. He called the city’s non-emergency number this morning to report what had happened to him and his wife, told police to not bother coming out, and was told they would increase patrol in the area. When I called to do the same just minutes ago, I was told that police would have to respond in order for there to be a record of my call and was offered no such assurance of added patrols.

I hate that this is the first message I have sent to this group since moving to the neighborhood a year and a half ago, but I thought it to be important nonetheless for everyone else’s sake. I hope no one else had / has to have the same experience!

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