Back a Mean Bird and get fried chicken for life

Help the Mean Bird take flight into your belly.

In news that makes every cardiologist cringe, one of the rewards for backing Mean Bird (a fried chicken truck) is a two piece meal of fried chicken FOREVER. You can go healthier by ordering the vegan two piece. The other rewards are much more reasonable and don’t come with the $2,000 price tag of the chicken-every-day reward.

Mean Bird is the work of husband and wife team Mike and Sarah Moore. If the concept of vegan fried chicken confuses you as much as me, let’s get clarification from their KickStarter.

Veggie Bird is our unique, homemade vegan fried “chicken.” No sad, overly processed, bland fake “meats” at Mean Bird! Veggie Bird is a-made-from-scratch vegan dish (no animal products of any kind) that gives vegetarians and vegans the satisfaction of traditional fried chicken. At Mean Bird, vegetarians can look forward to the full fried chicken experience: opening that paper bucket, pulling out a fried drumstick (dip into one of our vegan dipping sauces if you like), and then biting into a crispy coating to reveal amazing flavor and texture inside. Our Veggie Bird is made with fresh vegetables, whole grains, herbs & seasonings–no isolated whey protein, no isolated soy protein, no textured vegetable product, no vital wheat gluten (the over-processed ingredients of most meat alternatives on the market today.)

Image: Mean Bird

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