ARTBIEK in Carytown

It all depends on how you look at it.

Local Hills and Height’s artist Keith Ramsey is taking his art to the streets. The ARTBIEK is inspired by “Bike Drawings from Memory,” a concept created by the Italian artist and designer Gianluca Gimini living in Bologna, Italy.

Rather than wait for a gallery the ARTBIEK is making it’s logical appearance at local bike racks.

More from Keith Ramsey on the FOUNDPUNK ARTBIEK:

The main idea was not to mimic what Gimini has done with the drawings, but to create design from what the materials allowed me. Though I wanted to explore the visual characteristics that held my interest in Gimini’s renderings ( i.e. bold colors, interesting shapes, glossy finishes, etc,) I wanted to maintain a visceral reaction that made the viewer feel as though this impossible contraption could be ridden.

The finished work was a bicycle, redesigned into a conceptual art piece. The motivation behind the FOUNDPUNK ARTBIEK is to share the reaction I had, and continue to have, when looking deeper at everyday objects such as bicycles. Realizing I’ve gained a new appreciation for those familiar designs.

You can check out and purchase more of Keith’s work at his FOUNDPUNK studio located at ARTWORKS (320 Hull Street) in Manchester. There is however only one ARTBIEK at this time.

Don’t hesitate in heading over because the studio spot will be closing up at the end of next month but you’ll always be able to find him online.

Image: Keith Ramsey

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