Yelp on Sticky Rice, Sticky Rice on Yelp

“I suspect I got diet cola, not diet coke.”

Yelp allows people with no training, skill, or spell check to say whatever comes into their head about a restaurant. I long ago gave up on using it for reviews due to sheer randomness of comments and seeing one star reviews because they went there and it was closed or some other such nonsense.

Sticky Rice is taking the unique approach in reveling in some of their bad reviews and posting them on their blog. Read them all here and check out my favorites below.

All restaurants have somewhat of an abusive relationship with Yelp. We’re not against the idea of having a restaurant review website. And yes, we’ve had our share of days when we weren’t firing on all cylinders that ended up on Yelp. One thing you won’t find on our Yelp is “We talked to management about our issues and they decided to nothing”.

So thank you for all your reviews. Good and bad. It helps us to get better, know our strengths and address any problems. Below are just a smattering of reviews we found hilarious…

David N. – Someone had called this hipster sushi. Not exactly sure what ‘hipster’ is but that description seems appropriate.

Chris D. – I suspect I got diet cola, not diet coke.

Kristen A. – I like the pretentiousness of eating them with chopsticks and dipping little fried pieces of heaven into some sort of “wasabi dipping sauce.”

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