RVA Beer Explorer: Nano, Pig Pasture, Boom, Sorry

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Size doesn’t matter

RTD had a great article on nano breweries. Nano breweries don’t have an official definition but the general definition is no more than  three barrels of beer in any one batch. A barrel holds 31 gallons or around 245 pints. The first nano in the area was Final Gravity and they’ve knocked it out of the beer park with great beers in an amazing number of different style. Next came Garden Grove filling a beer niche in Carytown. The new kid at the bar is Castleburg which is expected to bring a few twists to some traditional beers.

Pig picking Pastures

Pony Pasture is one of my favorite spots in Richmond. Roast pig is one of my favorite things to eat. Lickinghole Creek is combing the two in with a Pony Pasture Pilsner Release & Pig Pick Party on Saturday. You may have to drive a bit but when you arrive there will be be beer and pig. It should be worth the trip. Things kick off at 12 PM.

boom goes the brews

Fourth of the July traditionally involves fathers with beers in hand risking digits in the pursuit of fiery destruction. Local breweries have taken the element digit loss out of the equation. Breweries are staying up late for you to watch the explosions. There’s 4th of July at Isley with a couple food trucks and a special selection of infused beers.  The Hardywood 4th of July Celebration features six bands starting at 3 PM and the nearly mandatory food trucks will be present. Within walking distance is Castleburg Brewery which is celebrating with, you guessed it, food trucks. Castleburg is also releasing Battering Ram Rye Ale.


I didn’t go to Legend Brewing last week but apparently there were some issues. The following was posted on Legend’s Facebook. Good on them for acknowledging the problem and working to solve it.

The management staff would like to thank all of our understanding customers who have visited Legend Brew Pub last week, and understand the level of quality we aim to strive for. Unfortunately, with the large influx of beer fans in Richmond, sometimes our service seems lacking. While we try to address each individual customer complaint to the best of our ability, we would like to offer our appreciation for those who realize that the way we operate when we’re bursting at the seams is not the way we typically run. Thank you for your patience and big surprises are on the way to ensure that we deliver only the best quality of customer care and service.


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