IndieGOGO campaign to bring towers of vegetables to two high school

Vegetables operating on a vertical plane or is it plain?

Duron Chavis is a self described urban farmer and community activist. He spends much of his time working to make Richmond schools a better place. He has helped see the creation of gardens at both George Wythe High School and  Armstrong High School.

He latest project is to continue gardening efforts at George Wythe and Armstrong and create 10 tower gardens at each school.

A tower garden as you can see is as the name implies a tower of vegetable goodness. The two main advantages of growing vertically are the small footprint and efficiency. Another selling point is that this can be done inside which means year round veggies and learning. This video will fill you in quite well.

The reason for building these towers is best said by the campaign.

How will this project impact students in Richmond Public Schools?

Indoor Classroom Farm: We will teach students hands-on about food from seed to harvest, and will connect lessons to classroom curriculum
Healthier Students: Students who grow their own food have higher likelihood of eating what they grow! (Center for Disease Control) You can help students from food insecure neighborhoods get fresh locally grown veggies in their bellies through investing in our project.
Real World STEM application: Today, STEM means creating learning environments that allow students to be more active. Whenever that happens, students are engaged in their own learning. There’s no manipulation in getting students active, either, it just happens. The outcome is that students better remember what they’ve learned when they are engaged in the process, and not passive by-standers. They are also learning how to apply STEM to real world problems that they experience in their community on a daily basis specifically in the context of food deserts and food insecurity.

To support this effort of just learn more go to IndieGOGO.

Image: IndieGOGO campaign

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