Carytown Burger coming to Lakeside, opening Thursday or so they say

Another burger option for the Northside.

Update #5 — February 4, 2015; 8:57 AM

At this point I’m doubtful but they have a picture of two guys holding some sort of official looking document so it must be legit.

There is also this from Facebook.

We are ready to shout this from the rooftops! WE ARE READY! The Lakeside restaurant will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS on Thursday at 11 am! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and understanding! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!!!! Margi Cardot – you better be there as you won the FIRST burger from the restaurant!

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Update #4 — January 19, 2015; 11:02 AM

If you went by get a burger this weekend you were sorely disappointed. At this point I have no idea when they’re opening and neither do they.

This was posted on Thursday.

OMG….talk about embarrassing! I was just informed that we will NOT open tomorrow. Inspections will not be completed in time and you know they don’t do those sorts of things on the weekends! I’m so sorry! We will make it up to you! I promise!
How about I post the day before we open that we are ‪#‎cbfREADY‬? I think that might be better! Again, I am so so sorry!

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Update #3 — January 14, 2015; 10:58 AM

This is getting old. Opening date is definitely a moving target.

From Facebook once again, hit that link if you would like a peek inside.

You guys know we love you, right? And that we have been working INCREDIBLY hard to get things open at Lakeside, right? There was a “snag” over the weekend, but we thought we could pull it off…..So, there is 1 last delay…..

Lakeside will open on FRIDAY! I’m so sorry for this delay, but I assure you, we will make it up to you! I have attached some pictures from this morning just to show how close we are. Just waiting on a couple more things and everything to be put in place and we will be serving by the weekend! I’m so sorry folks! Don’t hate me! (Because I’m beautiful?)!!!!

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Update #2 — January 8, 2015; 11:24 AM

I know I got everyone excited before with previous tease but this time it looks like it’s for real. Carytown Burger should be open on Wednesday.

From Carytown Burger & Fries Lakeside Facebook:

I am SO EXCITED to announce that the Lakeside restaurant will be opening on Wednesday, January 14th! YES! That is NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!! I know everyone has been waiting patiently through the delays, but we did it! We made it!

We are also SUPER EXCITED to announce that we will be carrying all RVA craft beer on our taps! We are beginning the process of switching things over in Carytown, but Lakeside will START that way! Each day from now until opening, I will be announcing one beer that will be on our tap.

Carrying only RVA craft beers on tap is an interesting approach and I’ll be curious to see if they keep it up. So far they’ve announced Center of the Universe’s Ray Ray and today announced Hardywood Pils. Both of these are quality beers and will go down nicely with a burger.

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Update #1 — December 30, 2014; 11:35 AM

Carytown Burger & Fries Lakeside posted the following to Facebook yesterday. Get ready burger lovers.

Guess what? We just passed a very important inspection and the restaurant will be opening very, very soon! Like….next week soon! We can barely contain the excitement over here! Get excited folks! Be sure to like our page and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on the opening!!!!

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Original — July 28, 2014

Don’t look behind you Roy’s but you’ve got competition coming your way. Carytown Burger and Fries has announced that they’ll be opening another burger shop at 5404 Lakeside Ave. next month.

Richmond has the details.

Barber, 45, has a three-year lease on what was a Lakeside barber shop. Getting a whiff of some competition won’t be hard from that location. It will be just up the road from Roy’s Big Burger, another mainstay in the burger scene at 5200 Lakeside Ave.

Carytown Burgers & Fries has done catering since 2006, and Barber said he plans to use the Lakeside location to give his catering clients a better sense of the brand.

“I want my clients from catering to come pick out their menu and try the food on site,” he said.

He said being near major interstates made the Lakeside location an attractive place to expand.

“Lakeside is a gem in Richmond,” he said. “The exposure and central location makes this an easy decision.”

Image: Carytown Burgers and Fries

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