Want to Polar Plunge for free?

Predict the evil Low Temperature for a chance to win a free registration for the RVA Polar Plunge®!

This Sunday, the weather is going to make an honest groundhog out of Punxsatawney Phil. Temperatures are predicted to dip into SINGLE DIGIT ZONE.


But it makes the upcoming RVA Polar Plunge® even more daunting and challenging, and therefore more effective! In case you don’t know the deal, it’s a fundraising event for the Special Olympics. Instead of leaping off a building this time, you’ll be leaping into a pool. An outdoor one. In the middle of winter.

Get pledges from people who enjoy seeing you suffer for a cause, and pony up $50 of your own money to throw your hat/body in the ring/pool.

OR! Using the form below, predict just how unacceptably freezing the weather in Richmond (according to the National Weather Service’s official report) will get this Sunday. If you’re right on the money, you’ll be entered into a drawing with other people who were right on the money (or maybe it’ll just be you!). And you’ll get a free registration.

Get guessing. And unless you’re going to go rogue and predict a balmy upswing to 70 degrees, I hope you’re very, very wrong.

Fill out my online form.

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