TIP! Using CoinStar with no fee

Turn all that change lying around your house into a gift card in the exact amount you bring in!

If you’re a KonMari fan, you remember the part about getting rid of all those receptacles of loose change. “Put them in your wallet!” demands Marie Kondo. 

Uhhhhhh, maybe this isn’t a thing in Japan, but I have too much collected change in various places to go into my wallet. Banks full of change!

I keep saying I’m going to take it all to my friendly neighborhood Kroger’s CoinStar and my domestic partner kept saying “Nay! They will take a big chunk out of it. It’s better to roll it up and take it to the bank.” 

The change didn’t move from its receptacles, because the idea of rolling it and taking it to the bank was a deadly combination of boring and embarrassing. But guess what–if you choose a gift card as your way to receive your funds from CoinStar, NO FEE IS TAKEN!

Huzzah! I hauled my banks to Kroger, tipped my souvenir pirate skull bank over, and watched the numbers add up. Then, I had an Amazon gift voucher printed up, and now I have $50 to spend on Christmas presents.

There are several different gift card options or you can donate to charity as well. Whatever you choose, CoinStar will save you and your house from unnecessary built up currency.

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