TIP! There’s life in that old styrofoam yet!

Thanks to TIP!ster David Franke for this one, about what to do with all the styrofoam packing stuff you can’t recycle!

One time, when I was young and untested, I tried to put out a box full of styrofoam peanuts out to recycle. The wind blew it open. You know the rest. I got a nasty letter from a very concerned citizen (complete with print-out from CVWMA’s website, important parts highlighted) who made me want to just fill her mailbox with styrofoam every day until I was free of the dang stuff.

Now, thanks to reader David Franke, I now know I could have just saved my styrofoam (“peanuts, coolers, and other clean packaging”) and take it to the UPS packaging store in Cary Court.

Gather up all your styrofoam and all of your charm, and set your course to Carytown.

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Susan Howson

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