TIP! Little House Green Grocery prepares food so you don’t have to

It’s too hot to lift a chef’s knife.

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Just in time for summer’s oppressive heat to make you want to give up all your adult life responsibilities, like wearing clothes and making your own food, Little House Green Grocery introduces a line of prepared foods to take care of the latter for you. (We have not found a workaround for wearing clothes at the time of publication, but we’re working on it.) Imagine fresh, zippy salads, cold soups, and yogurt parfaits in reusable Ball mason jars ($1 deposit) to make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner foolproof and cool.

Chilled soups like gazpacho and spicy cucumber avocado, plus a lentil salad with feta and pickled garlic, a house salad (“dressing on the bottom, greens on top!”), and a black bean, corn, and cabbage salad are part of owner Erin Wright’s menu. Wright says, “We just want to make the question of what’s for dinner easier to answer, so we are making our favorite dishes for people to take home!” Wright says everyone on staff will contribute to the new menu in some way: “We are so excited because this is food that is super healthy and tasty and filling. Everyone on our teeny tiny staff will be cooking. They will have different specialties, and their time in the kitchen will be based on demand. Our teeny tiny ‘kitchen’ (we aren’t named Little House for nothing!) has been approved by VDACS for this venture, so it will take a lot of creativity to make it work.”

And what’s a meal without a beverage? Frustrating! Little House will also offer Vietnamese coffee, made with their own Blanchard’s blend, as well as Louisa-based Forest Green Farms iced teas. Wright says the Little House crew is working at full speed to bring their mason jars to your greedy hands as early as mid-June. Follow their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Carrier Pigeon for details!

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