TIP! Keep mascara where it belongs

That is, on your lashes!

If you’re a mascara wearer, come in. 
If you’re a downward-growing eyelash possessor
A smudger, a rubber, a make-a-big-mess-er…
If you feel raccoon-eyed, come hear the professor
For I have some wisdom contained herein.
Come in!
Come in!1

You know who you are–you love the idea of mascara, but you cannot for the life of you get through even two hours without some grey smudges below your eyes. 

Some makeup artist told me once (when I was preparing for one of my highly paid modeling gigs, of course) that I possessed downward-growing eyelashes, and that’s why I get mascara everywhere. Guess what, I curl my eyelashes, so why is that a thing! Guess another what! I…lied about being a model, but a makeup artist did tell me that!

I remembered clear mascara because my teenage niece was wearing it, and thought, “I wonder if I put that on before my mascara, like a primer!” I’d used eyelash primer before, with disastrous results.

But this! This worked like a charm! The clear gel formula , and as a result, my eyelashes were separated and covered with a conditioning substance that trapped the regular black mascara I put on top of it!

If eyelash color and definition were actually an important thing, I’d say this was a life-changing discovery! Is this what Allure writers feel like? I get it now!

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  1. My apologies, Shel. I don’t know what came over me. 
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