Sucker for something sweet

I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day! What’s not to love? (At least for those of us with a sweet tooth.)

When it was time to come up with a fun project for the kids for Valentine’s Day, the first thing I thought of was something with chocolate, but that would have been very messy and probably would have ended up only halfway finished because we would have ate half of the chocolate well before we finished any project. Did I mention we love candy around this place?

The next thing that came to mind were those fun heart shaped suckers I used to love as a kid. We decided to make a door wreath out of suckers so when our friends came to visit us they could take a sucker (or many suckers) home with them when they left. This received lots of cheers and questions about how many suckers my own kids can pull off of the wreath each day! No surprise there.

This project ended up being really easy and fun…not even to messy! Always a bonus.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 foam wreath (I picked a medium sized one from Micheal’s. I think if you go for the large one it will be far to big and heavy in the end.)
  • Glue (Some sort of weather resistant type. I went with E-6000 but I think any weather friendly glue would work.)
  • Spray paint
  • 3-4 bags of your favorite suckers ( I chose SweeTart hearts, Blow Pops, and the generic Valentine heart suckers)
  • 1 bag of large Conversation Hearts

Step #1: Begin by spray painting your foam wreath the color of your choice. No need to soak it (the foam will dissolve a bit if you spray to it on to thick) just a light mist. You just want to take away the appearance of the foam.

Step #2: Start from the bottom up. Lightly glue the end of each sucker stick. Add the suckers with the longest sticks first. I suggest putting a piece of cardboard underneath of your wreath so you can easily rotate it with out picking it up as you at each row of suckers.

Step #3: Once you have your suckers nicely glued to the outer edge, start to add the conversation hearts with a dab of glue to the front of the wreath.

Optional Step #4: The kids and I went back and forth on whether to add a little poem to the front of the wreath that said something like “We think you are sweet so please take a treat!” In the end we decided to just stick with all of the candy.

Step #5: Allow your wreath to dry for several hours. I do recommend hanging it with a door wreath hanger since it is a bit heavy once all of the yummy stuff is on there!

Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Tisha Mccuiston

Tisha Mccuiston refers to herself as “the most non-traditional Traditionalist” she knows — she blogs and owns a photography studio, but she also homeschools her children, cooks about everything from scratch, gardens, sews, crafts, and cans her family’s food. You can follow her adventures over at Life on Bramble Hill.

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