St. Patrick’s Day brews: Irish beer isn’t green

Adam Worcester of Triple Crossing Brewing Company gives us a rundown on what kind of Irish beers we should really be checking out.

We asked Adam Worcester, co-owner of the ever-awesome Triple Crossing Brewing Company, to guide us on the totally overwhelming number of beers available on St. Patrick’s Day–arguably America’s most beer-focused holiday. Below are his answers and suggestions, which, should you allow them to, serve as an excellent resource for beering up on this year’s St. Patrick’s Day.

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Which style of beer is your favorite to drink for St. Patrick’s Day?

I’m a HUGE Red Ale fan, and they are as important to the Irish beer legacy as the world-famous Dry Irish Stout. I love Reilly’s Red Ale from Devil’s Backbone and, of course, our very own Demon Days Red Ale. Ours is a bit hoppier, but that’s kind of our modus operandi, so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. I also have to admit that I love dry Irish stouts and think that despite the fact that Guinness is no longer brewed just in Ireland, it’s still an awesome beer.

Editors’ picks

Here’s what the RVANews beer-swillers will be drinking come St. Patrick’s Day.

Richard Hayes: Lickinghole Creek’s Vanilla Virginia Black Bear Stout for my dark beer, Triple Crossing’s own Pride of Monroe because I can drink it all day long.

Ross Catrow: Since Adam already mentioned Hardywood’s Dry Irish Stout, I’ll go with the Victory Donnybrook Stout (if you can find it).

Locally, which beer are you opening up on St. Patrick’s Day?

I’ve had Hardywood’s Dry Irish Stout on occasion, and I’m a big fan of this style and theirs in particular. I’ll try to grab one of those at the source if possible–a growler of that would pair nicely with some Beef and Guinness Stew.

Do y’all have anything on tap that you think pairs especially well with St. Patrick’s Day?

Not to totally repeat myself, but I think red ales are as quintessentially St. Patrick’s Day as stouts, and in my humble opinion, our Demon Days Red Ale is a perfect companion to this holiday. It’s definitely a bit hoppier than your average Red Ale, but it’s perfect for celebrating an Irish holiday in America.

If you could drink any beer at all, from anywhere in the whole world, on St. Patrick’s Day, what would it be and why?

Three years ago, my wife and I went with two of our best friends to Ireland and while there we, of course, visited the Guinness Storehouse. After drinking a “Perfect Pint” of Guinness from the top of their Storehouse in the Gravity Bar with a 360 degree view of Dublin, I decided that would forever be the best place to celebrate my favorite drunken holiday.

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