So long, Easy Street. Hello, F.W. Sullivan!

In perhaps the quickest turnover in restaurant-revamp history, Easy Street is now F.W. Sullivan’s Fan Bar and Grille.

In perhaps the quickest turnover in restaurant-revamping history, Easy Street is now F.W. Sullivan’s Fan Bar and Grille.

Easy Street ended its run on Halloween night, with F.W. Sullivan’s opening just yesterday in what they’re calling their “soft launch.”

Management is taking a theme approach with this new venture, as the restaurant’s specials and events will be based on where fictional character F.W. Sullivan is currently “adventuring” around the world. It should also be noted that F.W. Sullivan will soon have his own Facebook page. Stay tuned for that.

The decor also reflects this round-the-world adventure theme, with two giant maps hung on the wall, meant to track where Sullivan is. Meanwhile, a series of clocks are mounted on the wall, displaying different times around the world and labeled with their corresponding locations.

Right smack in the middle of these? A clock permanently set at 5pm and labeled with “Somewhere.”

In addition to all new woodwork in the space, F.W. Sullivan’s also managed to snag some furniture from Fan favorites like Sushi Ninja and The Border. The interior is slated to be completely finished by next week.

And for those of you that like to hang, plans for the backroom include darts, foosball, and Wii bowling.

Currently F.W. Sullivan’s is only open from 5pm to 2am for dinner and drinks, but they plan to launch lunch and brunch hours in the future.

There you have it. Head on over and let us know what you think!

F.W. Sullivan’s Bar and Grille
2401 W. Main Street
5pm to 2am

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