Shyndigz dessert

All future desserts will pale in comparison.

I make it a point not to take pictures of my food when dining out. The pictures usually come out horrid and personally I feel it’s rude to do to my table companions and other diners. I made an exception this past Friday night when the family and I headed over to Shyndigz for a treat. It was too amazing to not capture and rub in the face of friends, family, and now you.

Holy cow were we impressed. What you see, poorly pictured above, is Kitchen Sink Pie and Salted Chocolate Carmel Cake. The Kitchen Sink pie is basically all the best cookies in your life having orgy beneath two scoops of ice cream, drizzled with chocolate and carmel. It came out warm and gooey and although everyone at the table enjoyed it, the 10 year old will never look at dessert the same. The Salted Chocolate Carmel Cake was moist and although there are a bunch of layers with frosting in between I was never overwhelmed by the sweet.

There were three of us against two desserts and although we made a valiant effort, the portions were simply too massive to overcome and we ended up taking some of the cake home. Cake for breakfast is a gift from the gods and should never be denied.

In addition to the desserts they have a nice selection beers and wine. For the record Dales Pale Ale paired nice with the Salted Chocolate Carmel Cake and not as well with the much more sweet Kitchen Sink Pie.

We’ll be back and I suspect much of Richmond will be as well.

Shyndigz – 1903 W Cary St
HOURS – [Check on Facebook to see daily menu updates]
Wednesday 4 – 10pm
Thursday 4 – 11pm
Friday 4 – 11pm
Saturday 3 – 11pm

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