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Back-to-school time is here again. If you’re battling the crowds to fill last-minute holes in your school supply lists, we’ve got a breakdown of some of the best deals around town. (Don’t worry, we’ve still got your grocery bargains, too.)

Back-to-school time is here again. If you’re battling the crowds to fill last-minute holes in your school supply lists, here are some of the best deals around town:

Notebooks: Mead 1-subject notebooks 3 for $.99 at Rite-Aid
Staples Accel 1-subject poly notebooks $.50, limit 3

Composition book: Mead Composition Books “Buy one, get two free” at Rite-Aid

Filler Paper: Penway 280 sheets $1.49 at Walgreen’s

Pencils: 3 (10-packs) for $.99 at Rite-Aid

Colored pencils: 15-ct RoseArt colored pencils $1 at Staples

Pens: Bic Round Stic ballpoint pens 8-pk $.01 with $5 minimum purchase, limit 1; Office Depot ballpoint stick pens 10-ct $.25

Pencil Case: Sterilite pencil case $.50 at Target

Glue: FREE Elmer’s washable glue at MARTIN’S with in-ad coupon and $15 minimum purchase; Staples washable school glue $.01 with $5 minimum purchase, limit 2 (only $.25 on sale)

Glue sticks: 4-pk Scholastic glue sticks $.25 at Office Depot

Scissors: Westcott all-purpose 7” scissors $.50 at Staples, limit 2

Folders: 2-pocket folder with prongs $.20 at Walgreen’s, limit 5

Backpacks: all backpacks 50% off at Walgreen’s

Calculators: Staples 10-digit quiz calculator FREE after $6.99 Easy Rebate

Need a supply I haven’t listed? If you don’t hate its guts and don’t mind throwing a few elbows, Walmart is the best bet for low prices across the board. Plus, Walmart price matches if you bring in a competitor’s ad. Alternatively, the Sunday paper included an Office Max paper bag – receive 20% off everything you can fit in the bag.

Now on to our regularly scheduled deals…

If you intend to spend over $50 at MARTIN’S this week, remember to bring along the $5 off $50 purchase coupon from the circular.

Meat Top Pick

Bratwurst or Italian sausage 5-ct, 18 oz $1.99 at Kroger

Veggie Top Pick

Sweet corn $.17/ear at MARTIN’S

Fruit Top Pick

Cataloupes $.98 each at Kroger

Dairy Top Pick

Land O Lakes fresh-sliced American cheese (white or yellow) $4.99/lb at MARTIN’S

Staples Top Pick

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce $1 at Kroger; Kraft barbeque sauce $1 at MARTIN’S

Snacks & Sweets Top Pick

Jell-O pudding mix $.59 at Walgreen’s with in-ad coupon

Beverage Top Pick

Pepsi 12-pack cans “5 for $12” at both MARTIN’S and Kroger (If bought in quantities less than five, $3.49 at MARTIN’S or $3 at Kroger) 12-pack Pepsi products also $2.50 at Target

Household Top Pick

Stock up on summer clearance for next year — remaining swim accessories are 50% off at Kroger

Find more deals by accessing the stores’ weekly ads online:

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