Popularity of The Locker Room explained in one photo and a discussion on Southside

I kinda look at southside as the Shelbyville to our Springfield.

The above image was on Reddit and morphed into Southside sucks comments. It is worth noting the time of the receipt.

Best quote in that thread describing The Locker Room, “It’s anything you want it to be, like Fantasy Island but on the south side.”

South of the River then asked this question.

Can someone explain to me why there is such a negative attitude about living south of the river? I am a transplant, so maybe I am missing something. I have lived in various parts of the RVA area (the Bottom, the West End, and now Westover/Forest Hill area). There seems to be relative equality in quantity of losers and general doucheitude on both sides of the river. I honestly like my current location better than any other place I have lived in Richmond. It is close to downtown, the farmers market, Byrd Park, the interstates, Carytown…I guess I don’t get it.

So, native Richmonders, fill me in.

Best answer so far by gonzoimperial, “I kinda look at southside as the Shelbyville to our Springfield.”

Image: Imgur

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