New Restaurants in March: Country Style, Hutch, Family Meal, and more

Doughnuts and ramen, beer and barbecue…it’s like we’re parodies of ourselves!


March 1st

Adding Korean takeout to Jackson Ward seems like a total no-brainer, doesn’t it? JKOGI is now open on 2nd Street and patiently waits to fulfill your takeout orders of Korean BBQ, kimbap, and other delicacies that will soon grace my dinner plate.

Black Heath Meadery

March 4th

Mead! It’s mankind’s oldest way of getting snockered and now you can do so in the way your ancient ancestors once did many millennia ago. Thanks to Black Heath Meadery, you can partake in the comforts of your own home instead of inside, like, a step pyramid or something.

Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint

March 5th

Jack Brown’s is a transplant from, of all places, Harrisonburg! Their menu tells a tale of a bacon, egg, and cheese burger “with the bun switched for a glazed doughnut.” That you can order this with one of dozens of craft beers is nearly the most Richmond thing I’ve ever heard.

Cultured Swine

March 6th

I’m really interested in this trend of barbecue places that also offer something a little different on the menu. The Cultured Swine fits in with said trend nicely by serving up tamales–they’ve even considered a dessert tamale!

Country Style Donuts

March 10th

Country Style Donuts has opened a second 24-hour donut location at 8900 W. Broad Street. Bad news for…literally no one.

Hutch Bar & Eatery

March 18th

Restaurateurs Jessica and Josh Bufford and Chef Ian Kinkler opened Hutch Bar & Eatery at Gayton Crossing Shopping Center. The Buffords also own Toast and Estilo, and their new concept has diners sitting not in the typical booths but crammed into hutches! That is not true (I hope).

Family Meal

March 27th

You guys, people are so incredibly stoked about this place–the next in a suddenly-long-line of Richmond restaurants started by Top Chef contestants. Bryan Voltaggio is a James Beard finalist and has partnered with Hilda Staples in this newest fab Richmond collab. They say that Family Meal is delicious and suitable for families. I’m into this!


March 28th

The old Empire spot at 727 W. Broad Street, once home to rock n’ roll, is now home to wings and tacos. Asado has BBQ heritage, so you can expect some BBQ tacos, but what we’re interested in is their wing game. 

Akida (new location)

March 30th

Super-legit sushi spot Akida has moved their primary location from Robinson Street into the Museum District on 606 N. Sheppard. As a Richmonder I fear change, and will miss the charm of Old Akida’s hidden spot. Luckily for my fear-filled heart, Akida is planning on sticking a ramen-oriented concept back in the Robinson Street location!

Photo by: Shops at Willow Lawn

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