In case you missed Musicircus

In the final wrap-up from last week’s Musicircus, we bring to you video and audio. You’ll feel like you were there. Well, maybe without the sensation of being totally consumed by sound.

There’s no substitution for the sensation you get from standing in the middle of Musicircus, allowing yourself to succumb to the total chaos of noise.  Your experience is your own, from the time you enter to the moment you leave. But if you weren’t able to be there, we have photos galore and now video and audio to assuage your absence. Thanks to Lucas Fritz for shooting video and Reggie Chapman for lending his audio recording equipment. The video is a great illustration of the chaos among all the groups, but is not completely inclusive. Our apologies to those musicians we missed in the video, but you can hear them in track #2 (the longest of the tracks) of the audio.



[audio:|titles=#1|artists=John Cage’s Musicircus in Richmond – October 22, 2009]

What you’re hearing in track #1:*

0:00 – The Hot Seats, Sam Byrd & Tim Harding
1:45 – Devonne Harris’s reeverb
2:22 – Labragenda
3:05 – Devonne Harris’s reeverb
3:54 – Fight the Big Bull, Caustic Castle & Eric Eaton
4:27 – Caustic Castle & Eric Eaton, Happy Lucky Combo
6:20 – Fight the Big Bull
6:45 – Pete Mathis, Roland Karnatz & Sherri Oyen
8:00 – Pete Mathis
8:25 – Josh Small
8:47 – Fan District Caroling Association

[audio:|titles=#2|artists=John Cage’s Musicircus in Richmond – October 22, 2009] [audio:|titles=#3|artists=John Cage’s Musicircus in Richmond – October 22, 2009]

Other relevant media:

Snow Panda’s 54-minute recording of the event
Musicircus in Photos: Part 1, Part 2, Flickr
Musicircus preview: Geeks and freaks

*With tons of sounds coming at you from all sides, generally more than one or two groups are contributing to the sounds that you hear. This list marks the dominant sounds.

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