Good Evening, RVA: Welp part 2

It continues!

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It was a hopeful day in RVA, guys!

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A word about Hayley DeRoche and Sam Davies

Hayley and Sam have both been integral components to our coverage–thoughts on raising a family are very valuable. Because dammit, families are hard to raise! Like Kelly Gerow (more on Kelly tomorrow) and Valerie Catrow (more on Valerie yesterday) before them, they had to dig deep and decide what to share and what not to share. Sam and Hayley have both been personally encouraging to us all from the minute they began writing for us, and their insistence on doing everything exactly as I want it done was really nice, I won’t lie. Sam, don’t stop texting me random Jesus Christ Superstar quotes, and Hayley, please send me book recommendations constantly. And also maybe you guys should get together and start something cool? Here are Hayley’s final thoughts–although she didn’t realize it at the time–about raising a little girl while at the same time putting on lipstick.

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A word about Annie Tobey

Annie, who knows more about beer than anyone I have ever met, hasn’t been with us long. She contacted us after a contract situation prevented her from continuing her beer columnist position at the RTD. “ANNIE TOBEY,” is a thing Ross was always bellowing after reading one of her impressively informative and cheerfully written columns. The really sad thing is that she’s been under her old contractual obligation to not talk about beer until June (you may have noticed a plethora of wine and spirits news issuing forth from her pen since she began a few months ago), and with this column, she finally gets to break her beer silence! For one week! What a huge bummer. Other publications: you are really crazy if you don’t pick this column up. It even has me wanting to drink beer, and that stuff is gross. Sorry, Annie…and everyone else I know?

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A word about Mike MacKenzie

Mike has been writing for us for like three weeks! He was the perfect answer to a need we had: someone who could write about seemingly boring City stuff like the four-way stop situation on Floyd and make it extra readable and even funny. It’s our philosophy that The People want to know about this stuff, they just don’t KNOW they want to know, and Mike took my wishes and turned them into reality so quickly that I was kind of shocked. I was very excited to see what other things he could illuminate for us, and now I will just have to hope that he will keep doing so in a different format. Thanks so much, Mike, you are a really fearless reporter, and your jokes make me laugh. I really wish we could have worked together longer.

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A word about Harvey Danger

Guys, did you forget about this video from 2007? Remember when this kind of thing was gasp-inducing??

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