Good Evening, RVA: October 29th, 2015

Sing, dance, act, and eat eat eat!

Photo by @cka757

It was a squirmy day in RVA.

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Photo by: Jims_photos

The news of food (it’s good news, of course)

Fire, Flour & Fork! GRAZE on Grace! Soup-er Bowl! And, perhaps most excitingly, Rappahannock Mondays. For real, how much do you hate reading Food News when you’re hungry?

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What’s this? What’s this?

It was nigh on impossible to find something non-Halloween-related (besides Fire, Flour & Fork of course!) for you to do this weekend, so we just gave in and embraced Halloween Town. Just enjoy it!

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Never trick, always treat

This piece originally ran on this very date in 2010–a spoooooky coincidence! Tess Shebaylo was writing an etiquette column for us back then, and she penned this piece gracefully on how to be a considerate Halloween participator (and a considerate Halloween non-participator). It is still useful to this very day, even five whole years later. Print it out, pin it to your door, and peer menacingly at trick-or-treaters through your window curtains. Everyone will love that.

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Photo by Deen van Meer

That’s my cigar! (You’ll steal anudda)

Fansies of both the movie Newsies and the stage production Newsies are squirming with excitement, as the show comes to the Altria Theatre next week! Susan Howson interviews the guy who plays “Davey”…before interviewing everyone else she knows about the entire Newsies phenomenon

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Actual bird with an actual paper towel

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