Good Evening, RVA: October 28th, 2015

A terrifying squirrel lurks within this email. Do not make eye contact.

Photo by Joey Wharton

It was an oddly balmy day in RVA.

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Photo by adwriter

Dress your family in corduroy and denim (if that works with their costumes)

Our guide to RVA’s finest trick-or-treating spots. If you’ve got more, and we know you do, just tell us about them in the comments, already!

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Photo by Will Weaver

Innoculate yourself against HAVOC fever

Basketball season is right around the corner (the Rams tip off against California Pa. in an exhibition game on November 6th and open the regular season against Prairie View on November 13th). Professor McHoops (Aaron Williams) assigns some required reading that’ll make sure know what you’re talking about when HAVOC! fever hits next week.

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Paul Cassimus king of pops

Custom sad-face pops available upon request

“Winter is coming” is a way more intimidate house motto than “Pops are leaving”, but both are equally as true. The impending cold weather is not all bad news, as the King of Pops will close out the 2015 season this Saturday with a pop-related celebration at The Pop Factory. Say goodbye to those chilly little pops before they enter their months long frozen hibernation, only to emerge come spring with the strength of one of those double-stick Popsicles!

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We are delighted to offer two free Fire, Flour & Fork Tasting Tent tickets for this Saturday to the lucky person who wins our giveaway. What do you have to do to win? Just be you! Well, the version of you that fills out the form within that post. These tix are $35 a pop, so use them well. 

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Photo by: katebartnik

Thingumabobs for families to do 

If you’ve got a family, and that family likes to do, this weekend is your weekend. The Libbie Mill Library opens grandly, the Dooleys get sad, the dead have their day, and…sorry, that squirrel. We are too busy laughing at it to get any work done. The laughs will probably be on us, though, when the squirrels all come to get us.

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Hey, the best 25 scary movies of this century!

This doesn’t negate anything we said yesterday! But it is really handy! 

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