Good Evening, RVA: Mozart photos, parenting un-woes, lots of vetoes

We’re sneezing a little bit less around here.

Photo by cpjRVA

It was a pretty OK day in RVA.

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Photo by: Heaton Johnson V.

First things first

Let’s talk about the Mozart Festival! Or, rather, look at the Mozart Festival with our eyes! In case you missed it, or even if you were there, maybe especially if you were there?, check out Heaton’s photos of a very good time.

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Posi parenting

Everyone who’s ever expected a child or even TALKED about POSSIBLY expecting a child in the future knows that there are always people who love to tell you how everything about it will suck. We generally scratch our heads about that, seeing as how kids seem pretty delightful and fun. Here, Sam Davies talks about all the things kids are good for. Maybe I should have named it “Kids. What are they good for? This stuff!”

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McAuliffe says “No!”

That…does not have a catchy ring to it. But nevertheless, Gov. McAuliffe said “no” to a very high number of bills. Now, the legislative people come back in an attempt to overturn some of them. Good luck, legislative people! Split down party lines, you’re basically at 50/50!

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Photo by: SammCox

Stupid cups

Dang Annie Tobey and her dang wonderful alcohol column! It gave me a serious case of the “Why can’t I be outside drinking a delicious grapefruit cocktail instead of typing all the words right now?” But here I am. Typing the words. All of them. Why am I still typing. STOP! JUST STOP TYPING! STOP TY

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One tiny female’s moment of sadness, one coach’s moment of glory

Chivalry might be dead, but this guy is catching falling ladies in a beautiful way.


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