Good Evening, RVA: January 8th, 2016

Even today’s dismal weather cannot suppres our enthusiasm!

Photo by BlueGoo Studios

It was a misty day in RVA.

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Jennifer McClellan

Is this your delegate? If so, meet her!

Valerie Catrow sat down with Delegate Jennifer McClellan and learned a thing or two about how maybe our political system isn’t totally doomed.

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1708 Gallery

Photo by 1708 Gallery

Art on Broad Street, rain or shine!

It’s First Friday–hold fast pedantic readers! Everyone realizes that it is, in fact, the second Friday of January, but no one’s trying to host or attend an art walk on New Year’s Day. But folks are trying to artwalk their hearts out tonight, and here’s what you can expect if you’re headed down that way.

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The ol’ district switcheroo

While you were sleeping, judges crept through the night and possibly switched your congressional district! Which one are you in now, do you even know?

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Photo by Will Weaver

The schedule meat 

After a crazy win over St. Joe’s, VCU is a miraculous 2-0 in Atlantic 10 conference play. Now the meat of their conference schedule lies ahead of them, what will come to pass!? Professor Basketball gives us his wise predictions.

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Photo by City of Richmond

A bridge not too far enough

You know how the city is building a new pedestrian bridge ontop of the remains of an older bridge that crosses the river? They’ve made some progress recently, and it’s neat to see.

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Jus kee flessing!

Can you watch all 4:11 of this Facial Flex infomercial? We did.

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