Good Evening, RVA: February 3rd, 2016

Things to do, things to drink, things to hear, and things to yell loudly with much finger-jabbing at whichever poor souls decide to run for mayor.

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It was a regionalistic day in RVA.

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Lego city

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Get your family and get moving

We hear there is a sit-down-and-veg-out thing on Sunday, so get a bunch of family activities in while you can.

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Photo by: The Travelling Bum


Holly Gordon looked into what local juicers are saying about liquidated fruits and vegetables and how they think it can help your bod. She is on the fence about believing them, but you can make your own call.

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Now, we can only experience Bowie in tribute band form. Well, actually, I doubt any of us had many opportunities to experience him in human form even when he was alive, so maybe this is nothing new. But anyway, a Bowie tribute band and plenty of other things exist this weekend and even more exist this month to pound on your eardrums.

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Thor's hammer

Photo by: mickee1311

Only a couple hundred days left!

But it’s never too early to get squawkin’ about what we want from a mayor. Two mayors into Richmond’s newish elected mayor setup, and we have learned some things about some things. Check out what Richmonders had to say at today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch Public Square meeting. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, does a running joke about Thor? It is contained therein!

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What if we just quit and went to work for Clickhole

Listen, it seems like maybe the most fun.

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