Good Evening, RVA: February 19th, 2016

We did it again, we had too much to talk about. Ta ta, off to sleep all weekend.

Photo by @amdgreenlee

It was a beatific day in RVA.

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VCU vs Rhode Island (113)

Photo by Will Weaver

Keep it clean

The often ugly and always embarrassing fan shit-talking begins tonight as the Rams take on the Richmond Spiders. Our constant reminder: both colleges are good for the city. That said, we cover Rams news because that is our chosen team, soooo…here’s Aaron Williams telling you what changes Will Wade’s made that might affect VCU’s performance, in a good way!

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Keep it safe

The Senate killed the fireworks bill, which dies in a shower of sparks every year. Fireworks enthusiasts, you’ll still have to go to North Carolina. Please be careful with you fingers and noses.

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Keep it despairing

Hope you caught Valerie Catrow’s great piece on the school to prison pipeline the efforts being made to shut it off. An update: the bill that would cease sending kids to jail for disorderly conduct at school wasn’t passed. Sigh.

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Super Mario brothers 3

Keep it teen

5 Things for Teens is back to give your surly ones some outlets for all those moods. Or, uh, if it’s teens reading this…5 Things for Teens gives you some things to do that aren’t “hang out with your dumb parents!” (Do teens like their parents these days? Mental note: Ask teen intern Chris Bolling for his guidance as usual).

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Keep it full

You may now go to the Stone Company Store! If you are reading this from your phone while you sip a cold one because we posted about it earlier today, you’re welcome!

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Keep it cool

Natalie Prass as a person to hang out with is like that really chill guy in 90s teen movies who’s always like “You gotta relax, dude!” But as a singer she’s more like Snow White in a soul band. And in this interview she’s just kinda like…a wonderful person?

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Smoke stack water tower

Photo by: Gene1138

Keep it fascinating

Today’s Fascinating People are really quite. Andy Edmunds and Chanel Bea make us happy just be being alive, but the work they do is pretty solid also. Tough luck if you didn’t get tickets (we mean that non-ironically, we feel that your luck is tough, and that’s a bummer). RVANews Live: 2016 Fascinating People is SOLD OUT!

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Sometimes human beings aren’t so bad

Assuming the horse is cool with this, that is.

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