Good Evening, RVA: December 1st, 2015

Don’t forget to change your calendars.

Photo by Rick Chittick

It was a blanket day in RVA.

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Christmas socks fireplace

Photo by: outdoorPDK

Having a stressed out holiday makes zero sense

Sam Davies is here to advise you to raise your children to be all thumbs-up, sure-thing, fun-times this holiday season, instead of “Why are our parents so tense?” It’s a lot easier than you think.

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gardenfest of lights

Photo by: Harlow Chandler

A rainbow road you might not fall off instantly!

Whoa, the GardenFest of Lights this year has gone completely insane, but in a way that dazzles and mesmerizes us. We’ve been down this road before, but it has never been so rainbowy.

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Monument 10k 2013

There’s only like a billion months until the 10k auuughhhh

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Gift Guide #1: Music

Oh man, there are so many gift guides this year. It’s like our gift to you. We’ll call that “Gift Guide #0.” Here’s the first one, by Andrew Cothern, about music-related gifts for your music-related friends.

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Photo by: Patrick Beeson

Where to get your tree, depending on how you feel about it

There are many places to get trees, and they involve varying levels of effort and enthusiasm. Depending on how much time and holiday spirit you possess, you have various options, assuming Christmas trees are your thing, of course. Fun fact: Trees were a winter symbol of life and stuff before the Winter Solstice Space Jam became the Christmas we know today! So it can be anyone’s thing! They’re very pretty! Trees!

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Upstairs at the Westhampton will always be the best moviegoing experience in our hearts

There’s a public meeting tomorrow, December 2nd, to discuss the future of the Westhampton Theatre with its future developers. We are ultra bummed that that future is not “an awesome movie theatre,” but that tub of popcorn has sailed down its buttery river. Use this opportunity to weigh in on the plans and be part of the process. It’ll be bittersweet, like Raisinets.

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Actual service we do not provide

“Free tree shaking for a clean tree.”

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