Food News: Food responsibility, TED talks, and that jerk Haman and his delicious cookies

Do you, the people, like fascinating discussions on food? Well, we just had one of those last night at RVANews Live, but TED (copycat) is about to provide more. Oh, also RVA food people got awards and press, as per usual.

Last night was RVANews Live #002. Did you go?! Then you totally know what I’m talking about; awesome right!? For everyone else–we just talked about everything that matters, namely film, music, and food, on which point, Josiah Lockhart, Anne Darby, and Will Richardson addressed the pressing issue: Does the dining community have any responsibility to improve the quality and availability of food in Richmond? And I think the answer is, “Yes, at least a little!”

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Which brings me to my next question: Does Richmond need a food co-op? Well, you tell me. Specifically, you tell the people who are building the RVA Food Co-Op at this event.

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Where do chefs shop, anyway? Is it where you shop? Richmond Magazine asks three chefs where they shop, and the chefs, in turn, provide these answers.

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Want to have these kinds of discussions but maybe you missed the RVANews Live thing? Slow Food RVA is hosting a TEDxManhattan viewing party this Saturday at the Science Museum. All sorts of people will be talking about these very issues, people including but not limited to Tom Colicchio, Dana Cowin, Danny Meyer, and at least several other people who know what they’re talking about. Lunch is included if you come during the lunchy parts!

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ALSO: There’s a new menu at Ipanema, and it includes Shakshouka, among other things.

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Mosaic is hosting a wine dinner this Saturday with wines from Chateau St. Michelle, and the menu, which starts with Rappahannock oysters and ends with beignets, sounds lovely.

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Sub Ro’s in Bon App, and Harvest has made its way to the WSJ. Plus, late last week, The James Beard Foundation awarded Sally Bell’s Kitchen with one of their five America’s Classics Awards for 2015. It’s national praise (AGAIN) for Richmond food businesses being fabulous! Congrats all around!

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Should a city mandate that its citizens compost food? And if not, how else can we effectively address rampant food waste in the United States? Seattle is now fining Seattleites who send their food waste to the landfill, rather than the compost bin (and presumably, back to the Earth), and Kim Severson suggests that reflects a return to the bygone “art of kitchen efficiency.”

Mandatory composting seems like a step in the right direction, but this can’t possibly be a good sign.

In preparation for this weekend’s TED Talks, Food Tank has compiled a list of 24 TED Talks that will help save the food system. I submit that, since the weather is intent on freezing productivity (AGAIN), we should all watch these from within our cozy bed forts.

SIP OF THE WEEK: (Cherry Pie) Enlightened Despot

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is tapping the despot this Saturday, and it’s pretty big deal. Are you the kind of guy who has once said, “my beer should taste more like pie” AND/OR “I would like to have unmitigated rule over a large number of people”? Either way, the Cherry Pie Enlightened Despot is your exact best match of beers. Annie Tobey is well familiar with the despot and advises us, accordingly, to spend this Saturday sipping it in Goochland.

BITE OF THE WEEK: Hamantaschen

Chag Purim Sameach! It’s Purim this very evening, which means today provides your last chance to snag the three-cornered cookie from the Weinstein JCC. They’ve got classic flavors like prune, poppyseed, and apricot, plus chocolate, cherry, apple, lemon, and raspberry; and they are huge. They give other hamantaschen a total complex.

Purim celebrates the triumph of Esther and the Jewish people over wicked Haman (boo), who sought to eliminate the Jews in Persia. For his misdeeds, Haman got a pretty great cookie named after himself, which I fear sends a bad message; but who am I to say!?

Locally, Perly’s also has hamantaschen, not just for Purim, but as a staple on their menu. This week’s flaves include Nutella, fig and pecan, pistachio, and white chocolate & rose water.

‘GRAM OF THE WEEK: Cherry Bomb

If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the beautiful, bi-annual publication about women in the food industry, which is now on its fourth issue, following Cherry Bomb on Instagram is always an option. Better yet, do both!

Photo by: htomren

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