Food News: Emergency doughnuts, chocolate fountains, bar crawls, and Irish coffee

Turns out Stephanie Ganz has been palling it up REAL LIFE STYLE with the Instagram-famous chef who is about to reveal his or her identity, and she never let on.

Photo by: Daniel Dionne

Photo by: Daniel Dionne


It snowed! And a bunch of Richmond restaurants had to shut down last weekend because it was Crazytimes out there. But now, it’s time to emerge from your igloos and show some RVAdine hotspots that you are over the snow and ready to party!

Tuesday, February 2nd, Metzger Bar & Butchery’s Chef and Great-Idea-Haver, Brittanny Metzger will host the Snow Thaw Bar Crawl. Start on the hill at Metzger at 6:00 PM, followed by the Roosevelt at 7:00 PM. Saunter down to Comfort at 8:00, and then plant your drinking ass on a barstool at Saison from 9:00 until you feel properly (but responsibly) thawed. And speaking of responsible, you’ll need to plan on a DD (aka Uber) because transportation is not provided. Only crawlers will have access to the sweet food and drink specials, so reserve a spot by calling Metzger at 804.325.3147.


During THE BLIZ, Sugar Shack did a very nice thing and delivered 80 dozen doughnuts to hospital staff, police officers, EMTs, and anyone else who didn’t get to stay home making hot cocoa and snowmen on Sunday. Very Cool. Their coolness inspired Genworth VP of Product and Services Marketing, Joel Mier, to share his take on what that coolness can teach us about a brand.


Starting in February, the Chrysalis Institute will offer a series of discussions on the intersection between food and spirituality. What does that even mean? It means a million different things to as many different people, so come listen and learn for yourself on topics ranging from “Eating as Spiritual Practice” and “Growing a Healthy Local Food System” to “Spirituality and Wine;” and then scoop a ticket to Kristin Kimball’s keynote in May–the author/farmer co-founded the only whole-diet, year-round CSA in the country at Essex Farm, and she wrote a poignant memoir all about it.


Eater’s Rachel Kludt tackles the “culinary gender gap” and suggests that offering paid maternity leave would be a good step toward closing it.

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Remember when I interviewed Chef Jacques La Merde? ME TOO, IT WAS MAJOR! Since then, I have had the pleasure of palling it up with JLM, introducing the chef to Richmond one dollop of pimento cheese at a time. He even lended a helping hand (incognito-ly) at Fire, Flour & Fork. TONIGHT on Bravo, JLM’s true identity will finally (finally!) be revealed on Top Chef, as the cheftestants have a quickfire food porn battle royale. Will it be soigné? ALL SIGNS POINT TO YASS, BROS!!!


Thanks to Dutch & Co for alerting me to the fact that Monday was National Irish Coffee Day, and extra thanks to them for extending that day into the week it so rightfully deserves to be. They’ve added Irish Coffee and fellow warm beverage Hot Toddy to their cocktail menu this week, so you can slowly sip away your traumatic blizzard flashbacks.


Chocoholic 2016 is coming up on Wednesday, February 3rd, and tickets are now on sale. For $75, you’ll have access to chocolates by the best Richmond chocolatiers, including Gearharts, Chocolates by Kelly, and Upchurch Chocolate, plus cocktails to pair with your sweets, and the most important part, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS. Resist the urge to dip your entire self into said fountains and pace your two drink tickets wisely. Oh, and in case chocolate fountains aren’t enough to motivate you, proceeds benefit Family Lifeline, a Richmond-based non-profit (since 1877!) that provides much needed in-home care for “children, parents, and seniors.”


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Stephanie Ganz

Stephanie Ganz thought there would be pizza.

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