Aggressive door to door solicitors are hitting the area

People knocking on your door and asking for money.

Following message came from Forest Hill Neighborhood Watch. Don’t open your door if you don’t feel comfortable.

This afternoon (February 26th) several residents called police in response to a young man soliciting money for an alleged drug addiction charity. Police were able to catch him near the park and obtain his information. Please be wary of opening your door to strangers. This man, as described below, was quite aggressive with one neighbor and tried to shake hands while coming into the front door. Luckily our neighbor pushed him back onto the porch and did not allow himself to be bullied or suckered into giving him money. The man gave no identification to neighbors and had no literature for his charity. If given a choice to be rude (not opening door or giving money) or victimized, please be RUDE and then call 911!!

Young male, around 20 yrs old
160 pounds
blue jeans and torn black jacket
Raiders hat
black male

He was knocking on doors on Springhill and Stonewall, from the 4400 block towards the park.

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