Chartsandgraphs: looking back at the 2014 Spring Restaurant Week

Chartsandgraphs returns with a look at some of the information buried in this spring’s Restaurant Week menus.

Popular menus

Here’s a list of the top ten most-visited menus on RVANews. As you can see, The Blue Goat menu outpaced the rest of the field by a fair margin. They drove a significant amount of traffic to their menu by linking to it from

Four of the restaurants listed below had menus in 2012’s most-visited menus list as well (Helen’s, Acacia Mid-town, Julep’s, and Bistro Bobette).


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Below are some of the most popular ingredients and cooking methods featured in this spring’s batch of menus. Fried pork with chocolate potatoes for everyone!


Word / phrase Frequency
pork 26
chicken 25
bacon 16
crab 16
goat 16
shrimp 15
sausage 14
salmon 11
beef 9
lobster 8

Fruit and veg

Word / phrase Frequency
potatoes 26
mushroom 25
apple 21
spinach 19
tomatoes 19
lemon 18
asparagus 16
arugula 13
onion 12
corn 11


Word / phrase Frequency
chocolate 30
vanilla 18
cake 15
ice cream 9
pie 9
whipped cream 8
key lime 6

Cooking method

Word / phrase Frequency
roasted 53
fried 30
grilled 28
smoked 24
seared 21
pickled 13
braised 10

Bonus: The most common three-word phrase…”fried green tomatoes” (6)!

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Unintentionally hilarious word cloud

Part of putting together our Restaurant Week coverage involves copy, pasting, and editing each of the menus. This is pretty tedious work, but you get a chance to see each and every menu and pick up on some of those trends. Here’s a word cloud from which you can draw your own conclusions. Note: word clouds are fairly useless for doing any sort of real analysis and are mostly just pretty pictures.


Additionally, here are some of my favorite unintentional (and very Guy Fieri-esque) Restaurant Week dishes found in the above cloud:

  • Fried shrimp garlic
  • Braised goat olives
  • Candied, toasted pork asparagus
  • Stuffed red salad
  • Green butter soup
  • Kale baby, sautéed
  • Homemade house gastrique
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