Capital! Style

Welcome to the first edition of Capital! Style, our newest column featuring examples of the city’s most stylish citizens. Here we’ll be celebrating everything beautiful, unique, and creative about the way Richmonders choose to present themselves.

A girly top makes even short shorts look pretty and feminine.

Kilts: Old-fashioned, and yet never boring.

Vintage, flirty, and cool.

A bouffant hairstyle dresses up the most casual of outfits.

Flannel jazzes up the classic t-shirt-and-jeans combo.

Baby blue and big bows: not something to be done halfway.

The red belt just makes this dapper gentleman’s ensemble.

The maxi-dress: a more grown-up-looking alternative to the standard sundress.

Got a photo you’d like to submit for inclusion in Capital! Style? Send it to Let’s see some style from your neck of the woods!

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Tess Shebaylo

Tess Shebaylo is a freelance writer, crafter, history geek, and compulsive organizer. She works at Tumblr and lives in Church Hill with her daughter, Morella.

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