Best sledding in RVA

SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!! Check out our picks for the best sledding spots all over the good old RVA. Have fun (and be sure to wear your mittens)!

Original — December 26, 2010

No one loves sledding like I do. I don’t mean to say that I’m the best sledder, or that I have the most high-tech sledding equipment (believe me, it’s out there). I just mean that I’m the person who’s up at 7:30am on snowy mornings trying to prod my roommates out of bed because we’re Going Sledding! There’s just something about that feeling of hurtling downhill into an uncertain snowbank, hair whipping in the wind and snowflakes sticking to her eyelashes, that makes a girl’s heart sing. No snow day is complete without it.

To be absolutely prepared in case of a snowstorm (!!!), I’ve put together a list of some of Richmond’s favorite sledding spots.

Oregon Hill Overlook (Oregon Hill)

At S. Laurel Street and Oregon Hill Parkway

At the southern edge of the neighborhood along Oregon Hill Parkway, the ground drops off steeply toward the river below.  The hill is not a very long one, but makes for a quick and exciting ride. Very small children probably won’t enjoy it as much as the grown-ups, though.

Bonus killer view: Of the snowy river and Downtown.

Virginia War Memorial (Monroe Ward)

Between Belvidere Street and S. 2nd Street

Easily accessible on foot from VCU and appropriate for sledders of all ages, this hill slopes gently and goes on forever. You can also take a break and pay homage at the memorial itself, if the snow is still pouring.

Bonus killer view: Of Richmond from the west.

Powhatan Hill Park (Fulton Hill)

Between Williamsburg Road and Goddin Street

With a long, even slope and plenty of room to stop, even the iciest of sled rides would delight here.

Bonus killer view: Of Richmond from the east.
Video: Sledding Down Fulton Hill, Richmond

Libby Hill Park (Church Hill)

At N. 29th Street and Libby Terrace

This tiered hill is the amusement park of sledding, offering the fastest speeds in town. But some care must be taken to put on the brakes before you sled off the edge of the earth.

Bonus killer view: Of Richmond from the east.
Video: Sarah’s Sledding Wipeout

Forest Hill Park (Forest Hill)

At Forest Hill Avenue and W. 41st Street

Families, cameras, and snow ramps abound in this spacious park just south of the river. There are areas for both the tiniest and the bravest of sledders alike.

Video: Sledding in Forest Hill Park

This list was made from personal experience and from the highly-scientific method of, you know, asking around. We know there are plenty more and we want to hear your favorite sledding spot, so comment below!

(Image courtesy of Matthew McDonald)

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