Beer News: Intimidating acronyms, fruit in 50-pound increments, and proof that beer is greater than jelly

Breweries teaming up! It’s like an all-star team! Only they’re not playing another all-star team, but they all still win! (Also: trading, new hours at Ardent, coconut beer, peach beer, everything beer.)

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Beer trade

This week, Robey Martin dives into the very interesting and slightly secret world of Richmond beer trading. I’ll tell you what, though, beer trading seems pretty stressful and intimidating. It’s got acronyms (ISO:FT and $4$), unspoken culture and rules (don’t forget to include extras!), and you’ve got to meet and talk to strangers. This is the sum of my fears. Is there a part where you’re suddenly covered in spider crickets, too?

Homefront IPA day

Center of the Universe and nine other participating breweries will release the 2015 edition of Homefront IPA this Saturday. Each year COTU teams up with a bunch of breweries to make a beer1 that helps support the men and women of the armed forces. Participating breweries this year include: Center of the Universe Brewing Company, Fremont Brewing Company, Cigar City Brewing, Perennial Artisan Ales, 21st Amendment Brewery, Left Hand Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Co., Palmetto Brewing Company, Maui Brewing Co., Revolution Brewing.

Homefront IPA will benefit Soldiers’ Angels.

Ardent now and forever

Beginning Monday, May 25th (also known as Memorial Day), Ardent will be open seven days a week. There are literally no more days that they could be open each week.

Mulberries: The garbage people of trees

If you bring Blue Bee Cider five pounds of frozen, wild, foraged mulberries they’ll put you on the list for a bottle of Fanfare, their mulberry-infused cider. I’ve owned two houses in my life and both were cursed with giant mulberry trees overhanging most of the yard ruining everything with their purple, sticky, detritus. If someone wants to come forage all of the mulberries from my yard I will give you a growler full of homebrew. Bonus points if you’re a tree removal specialist.

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I loved this charming article about the progress America’s first Trappist monks are making on their new brewery. They started out making jams and jellies, which they love, but found to be unprofitable. Turns out beer >>> jam.

A Whole Foods in Houston has its own in-house brewery. I suppose this is unsurprising, but I like that the spent grains end up in the bakery department for use in the bread, and the beers end up in a bunch of the prepared foods.

What would happen if you brewed a set of beers based on the demographic data from different counties across the country?

Takeovers and releases and things

  • Saturday Triple Crossing will release Coco for Coconuts Imperial Porter, which you may remember as the winner of the very first RVA Brewcraft competition. It’s got 50 pounds of coconut in there!?
  • Spend Memorial Day weekend at Lickinghole and be treated to food, music, and beers for as long as you like.
  • This Saturday sees the release of Hardywood’s Peach Tripel, which “displays a voluminous head, a sunshine golden hue, notes of white pepper and honeysuckle, and is refermented on over 50 pounds per barrel of peaches, apricots and nectarines, lending a subtle but luscious stone fruit character, and a pleasantly dry finish.” What’s with all the 50 pounds of fruit lately?
  • Fat Dragon hosts a five-course COTU beer dinner on Tuesday, May 26th. Tickets are $50 and reservations can be made by calling 804.354.9888 or emailing Check out the full menu here.

‘Gramming with @triplecrossing

550lb grain bill for the Proposition DIPA. #vabeer #craftbeer

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  1. It’s aged on Louisville Slugger maple bats! 
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