Beer News: Elven chainmail, stony job opps, Craft Beer Month, hops that are totally OK

And some new brews, of course.

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August is for Virginia craft beer lovers

August is Virginia Craft Beer Month! This means throughout the commonwealth you’ll find festivals, events, special releases, deals, and probably at least one beer event involving burlesque. I’ll do my best to highlight stuff as it pops up throughout the month, but if you have an event that’s near and dear to your heart, send it my way!

Head Stone brewer

Are you the best, currently unemployed brewer in all the lands? Are you a currently employed brewer who wishes to level up your brewing status? Well, friends, do I have the job posting for you! Stone Brewing Co. is looking for a full-time, head brewer for their Richmond location.

Mortal Kombat! Hardywood vs. The City

Remember when the city told Hardywood that they didn’t need to collect meals tax and then told them “JK you need to pay us $50k in back taxes”? Well, the city’s new finance team has figured out that whole situation and Katy Burnell Evans and Graham Moomaw have the details.

Distribution vs. Tasting rooms, what’s the deal?

Visit any of the local breweries and you can tell that there are a couple of different ways to go about your beer biz. Some folks focus on the distribution aspect of the game while others want to perfect the tasting room experience. And then there’s Legend which predates all the super convenient new alcohol laws and had to focus on everything all at once. More from Jacob Geiger at the RTD.

Alt beer weekly

Style Weekly released their 2015 beer issue, which you should pick up in a coffee shop or on a street corner near you.


  • State of the Keg — an overview of the last year in Richmond beer and brewing.
  • Air Supply — a look at how the Veil plans to make open-air sours, a process which fascinates me. Brewer Matt Tarpey has some serious beer credentials, working at Alchemist and Hill Farmstead Brewery.

The mithril mail of bottle caps

If you make a suit of armor out of bottle caps like this guy, I will encourage you to wear it out in public but will totally not feel embarrassed by you.

— ∮∮∮ —


The West Coast drought is about to put a real damper on people’s draughts, as heat-sensitive hops are set to wither away. OR WAIT, are they? The Hop Growers of America seem to think things are fine.

Day drinking is the best. But is it better than morning drinking? I do not know, as I have limited experience with the latter. Vice, though, took some time to experience all of New York’s remaining, legal morning-drinking spots. Some of these places look amaaaaaazing.

Denver now has the Sweet Frog of beer: First Draft. It’s a pour-your-own beer joint that’s high on technology and possible awkward interactions with staff members that must verify your sobriety after you pour 40 ounces. The Denver Post has more.

SIP: Ardent’s IPA Batch 15

Ardent’s IPA Batch 15 is ready for public consumption, and this one features THE RAKAU. This is not, in fact, a sea monster, but a hop varietal described as having “lovely and pungent whiffs of ripe fruit backed with bright notes of grapefruit juice, and a suggestion of tropical flowers and balsam.” Balsam, y’all!

Other releases, takeovers, and things

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