Beer News: Brunch, floats, and metal

The current trend seems to be mixing beer with sweet things, which…by all means. More of that please.

Photo by: Martin LaBar

Ardent beer brunches return

For Ardent, summers at the brewery mean the return of Beer Brunches–two things Richmond really, really likes and when combined together probably will make some heads explode. Join them from 12:00 – 3:00 PM on Sunday, June 28th, and they’ll have breakfast pizzas, ice cream sandwiches, and beer bloodies. I can’t stand the word “bloodies,” but I certainly don’t know how to say “michelada” out loud. Entry is free, the delicious stuff you gotta pay for.

Beer floats and barbecue

Richmond Magazine has recorded two videos that are mostly beer related. The first, this beer float taste test sesh. The verdict: your mileage may vary. Next up: ZZQ! This man’s brisket is a thing to behold and available at Ardent on the first and third Fridays of the month.

Homebrewing beginners

Style Weekly has a guide for folks who are thinking about brewing their own beer. If you spend enough time thinking about beer, making your own is a natural and time-consuming next step.

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Deadspin picks 12 IPAs for people who hate IPAs, and look who makes the list! It’s the Answer’s Petty Larceny! But the most important thing in that article is the link to this article about how Stouts are the best beers, because they are.

Congress will contemplate defining what “craft brewery” means and just how much beer you can make before you’re decidedly crafty no longer. The Brewers Association recently way upped the limit to include some pretty large breweries, notably Yuengling and Sam Adams.

More on kettle souring, my current knowledge obsession!

SIP: Hardywood’s Virginia Blackberry

Hardywood will release its Virginia Blackberry Belgian Wheat, which, however you may feel about putting fruits in your beers, is pretty dang refreshing. Hit up the release this weekend, and you’ll have a chance to see one of my favorite local bands: the Photosynthesizers! It all happens this Saturday starting at 2:00 PM.

Other releases, takeovers, and things

  • Stop by The Answer and get at their collaboration with Final Gravity called Universal Truth. It’s an 8% Double IPA that is hazy and orange and looks a lot like this bizarre medicine I had to take as a kid.
  • I don’t know if they do it for every keg, but last night Garden Grove offered a T-shirt if your beer kicked a keg, which is a nice consolation prize to help with beer disappointment.
  • Date change! Due to weather situations, Lickinghole Creek’s cornhole tournament has been moved to Sunday, June 28th at 12:00 PM. They’ll pour some of their Goochland Quad and the Enlightened Despot, both of which will make you worse at cornhole.
  • Legend released their West Point Light IPA this week, which is named after a spooky ghost light thing that you can read more about.
  • Strangeways worked with current Municipal Waste drummer (djun!) Dave Witte on a Belgian Golden Strong Ale called The Snake and the Snowman, in which you can partake this weekend.
  • Watch the Women’s World Cup at Triple Crossing while trying their newest release: Alternating Current IPA–an experiment in beer! Check it: “The Alternating Current IPA series will evolve continually as both new process methods and new hop varieties/ingredients become available. This series will allow us to continue experimenting with hoppy reckless abandon. The only thing constant about this beer will be its drinkable 6.5% ABV.” I love this idea!

‘Gram: @creamale

Metal and beer: two great tastes that belong together. But passionfruit…I remain unconvinced.

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