Beer News: Beer might be food

Sort of. But wouldn’t that be the solution to so many problems? And also probably the origin of a lot more problems.

Is beer food?

Ned Oliver asks the most important question of our lives: Is beer food? At least the Virginia Department of Health thinks it kind of is, meanwhile the rest of the world is pretty much like, “Huh?”

Not the Taylor Swift song

Allow me to quote from what’s either my heart’s desire or an article in Richmond Magazine:

There will be 12 taps focusing on British-style beer, and a dual cask engine

White Horse Tavern seems like it’ll recall a lot of what made the old Commercial Taphouse a special place to drink beers. If this is the case, I may be spending a lot of my time this fall on the Southside, hanging out with many Wells Bombardiers.


I love when breweries do this! Well, not when they fudge a batch of beer but when they own up to it and make it right. Here’s Legend’s mea culpa on Facebook earlier this week:

Thank you so much for your business and support. We could not be the successful company we are without you. We have recently received reports that a couple of batches of our beer in the market have not been entirely up to our high standard of quality. This is unacceptable. If you have purchased a Legend product that tastes different than it should or doesn’t measure up to the level of quality in beer that we celebrate, please contact our brewery immediately at (804) 232-8871. We will promptly remedy the situation. Thank you again for helping us provide Virginia with a beer that we all love to drink.

Look out for Oktoberfests

You guys, it’s almost that most magically malty time of the year! Oktoberfest! Keep your eyes and mouths open for Festbiers and their telltale blue and white diamond-patterned labels. Sources say that Spaten Oktoberfest has already dropped in stores near you and that Center of the Universe has one brewing.

Annie Tobey double header: distros and contracts

Newish distributor to the area, Hop House Distribution, will bring two new, never-before-distributed (to Richmond) beers to the market. Annie Tobey has the details.

She also has details on YARB (Yet Another Richmond Brewery), this one out in the depths of the Southside. They’re bringing in an uber efficient brew system that’ll give them enough capacity to even do some contract brewing–which is an interesting business model that I don’t think any other local breweries are pursing.

The Answer’s blind taste test

Last week I mentioned the Answer’s IPA blind-taste-test. This week, THE RESULTS ARE IN and…the Answer won everything? Hey, I not claiming voting irregularities, I’m just wondering if this was a hanging chad situation or what.

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Nine craft breweries appeared on Fortune’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies.

A dad joke has now become a real, tangible product (with great packaging).

Other releases, takeovers, and things

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