Ask Lauren: New Year’s Eve in RVA!

Ahhhhh it’s New Year’s Eve, and you’ve got sooooo many questions!

Now, through the magic of the internet, you too can ask Lauren your myriad food-related questions. Well, technically, you can leave your questions in the comments below, I’ll ask Lauren, and then I’ll let you know what she says. It’s like the three-legged stool of restaurant recommendations.

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Here’s your basic, stereotypical New Year’s Eve question: how do my friends and I get around town after we, in all likelihood, celebrated a bit too hard?

You could coerce one of your friends to DD, you could get a bunch of cabs, or you could do it up right and rent a tour bus from James Limousine and have a grand ol’ time. The rates vary by how long you’ll need the bus and how many people in your group, but you can generally expect a price below $30 per person. That’s not too bad at all!

Hey! I want to take my special someone out for a fancy New Year’s Eve dinner, but I don’t want to drop a huge stack of cash. Suggestions?

Heritage is hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration for just $35 per person. That’s a three-course meal at one of Richmond’s best new restaurants for a pretty great price. The menu remains a mystery, but there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. Reservations are required and must be made by phone (804.353.4060), dinner hours will be 5:00 – 10:00 PM.

Equally mysterious and delicious is a similar celebration over at Dutch & Co in Church Hill. They’re offering a four-course dinner for $45 per person. Same deal: menu remains a mystery but is surely awesome, reservations must be made by phone (804.643.8824), and dinner will be served 5:00 – 10:00 PM.

I remember, before kids, when my New Year’s Eve involved booze, glitter, silly hats, and dancing. I want my children to have fun on the holiday (maybe less booze but still glitter and dancing), what can we do that will get them having a good time?

First, pick up a couple pizza packs by Pizza Tonight from Ellwood Thompson or Relay Foods. Have everyone pitch in making the pizzas and adding their own toppings of choice. If you’d like to keep the clan out of the kitchen (and avoid the impending cleanup) grab some pizzas from 8 1/2—they’re delicious.

Ring in the new year, if your progeny can make it that late, with sparkling grape juice and some popsicles from King of Pops. If you really want to go all out, buy a couple rolls of bubble wrap and stomp the crap out of 2013 while welcoming in 2014. 1

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  1. Honestly, this sounds pretty great for adults too. 
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