5 Things: New Year’s Eve, music, and rapidly melting ice

Whoa! A Holiday that’s not Christmas!

Photo by: Udo Schröter

1. New Year’s Eve Happenings

You survived your Uncle Bill’s bad puns, Aunt Carol’s insistent questions about your future, and Grandma’s fruitcake. Christmas is behind you, and the New Year is on its way. And there are SO many ways to welcome it, from populated activities, artsy activities, early 1900’s activities, heavy metal activities…gosh, Richmond loves holidays.


RVA NYE has bounced around year after year from Carytown to Hardywood to Brown’s Island; this year, in honor of the “winter” season, they’ve moved everything indoors to the VCU Siegel Center. Celebrate the New Year warmly and dryly (temperature-wise and emotional-wise) with your fellow Richmonders!

  • Thursday, December 31st, 7:30 PM
  • VCU Siegel Center, 1200 W. Broad Street
  • $20 advance tickets, $30 at the door

1b. Diversity: Decemberween 10

Ring in the New Year with a night full of live music, art, food, and drinks…and there’s also something about a metal puppet. I’m not really sure what that entails, but if that didn’t sell you on this event, I don’t know what will. Oh! Maybe the fact that all proceeds go to Art on Wheels and Party Liberation Front?

  • Thursday, December 31st, 8:00 PM
  • Diversity Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Avenue
  • $15 – $30

1c. Fairies and Gentlemen

When the parents are away, the daughters will…throw a huge New Year’s celebration for all of Richmond. Man, 1909, am I right?? But boy do these girls know how to party. Dancing, desserts, champagne; put yourself back a century for the evening and watch the Shippley sisters throw the greatest party that their old-fashioned parents would never approve of.

  • Thursday, December 31st, 7:30 PM
  • Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 1214 Wilmer Avenue
  • $50

1d. Midnight in the GWARden of New Year’s Evil

If frilly parties aren’t really your thing but intense heavy metal bands are, you can welcome 2016 rocking out to GWAR. Wear…something disposable.

  • Thursday, December 31st, 7:30 PM
  • The National, 708 E. Broad Street
  • $30 – $35

2. Yankee Swap

Once or twice, we’ve all walked away from Christmas a little disappointed. Or, OK, let’s be honest, with a bunch of stuff we know we’re never going to use. This year, why not pawn it off on someone else?! The Richmond Comedy Coalition is hosting their third annual Yankee Swap, where guests can bring in a gift to regift, and leave with something better (or, at least something different). As a participant last year, I traded a set of plastic wine glasses for a DVD of Shrek the Third. So, there’s always hope for your Christmas list redemption.

  • Saturday, January 1st, 10:00 PM
  • Richmond Comedy Coalition, 8 W. Broad Street
  • $10

3. The Machine performs Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

Tragically, Pink Floyd’s original lineup is pretty impossible to catch in concert. But for those of you who have always wanted to see them live, or those that have seen them live and want to relive the nostalgic experience, there’s the Machine. Known for their accurate renditions of Pink Floyd’s very own music, the Machine incorporates songs, styles, and even dramatic lighting to encompass the style of Pink Floyd itself. And hey! Sometimes they even take requests!

  • Friday, January 1st, 7:30 PM
  • The National, 708 E. Broad Street
  • $15-$23

4. The Infamous Stringdusters

Rinse out the partridge-in-a-pear-tree that’s been infiltrating your brain for the past month and a half, and replace it with a little twang, bluegrass, and acoustic guitar.

  • Saturday, January 2nd, 8:00 PM
  • The National, 708 E. Broad Street
  • $20-$25

5. RVA On Ice

RVA On Ice is ending this weekend!! This is the LAST CHANCE (at least for like, 11 months) you’ll have to lace up your ice skates and bundle up (or throw on a tank top and shorts, let’s be honest) and skate alongside the drivers and pedestrians of Broad Street.

  • Through Sunday, January 3rd
  • 6th and Broad Streets
  • $5
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