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May is here! That means the showers are supposed to stop in order to make way for the flowers. While you’re crossing your fingers, watch some sports, see some fashion, raise some funds, and above all, drink lots of beer.

Family-oriented? Check out 5 Things for Families. You won’t be sorry, and you won’t miss naptime.

1. CapTech USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships

I know you’ve been scheming all week to have a fun weekend without running into the mayhem that will be the downtown area and its crazy road closures that accommodate this giant bike race. But I’M telling you to go ahead and embrace the mayhem! Find your way into this nest of Spandex-clad hornets and watch some really exciting races. Just use your common sense, if you’ve got any, and stay out of the way. Massive cyclist pileups are not fun to watch or be at the bottom of.

  • Friday, May 2nd – Sunday, May 4th • see site for times
  • All over the place (see site for map)
  • Free to watch!

2. Richmond Kickers vs. Rochester Rhinos + Happy Hour

Soccer + drinking! It’s what South America and Europe discovered years ago! Support your local team of dashing gents and get some food truck dinner, some live music, and the Kickers’ signature craft beer as part of the bargain! I have a prediction based on zero research that it will eventually stop raining, and this could be a really good way to celebrate the second onslaught of spring.

  • Friday, May 2nd • 7:00 PM
  • City Stadium, 3201 Maplewood Avenue
  • $20

3. Kentucky Derby Bash

More beer and more sporting events! It’s simply that time of year, and if you have a problem with it, take it up with whatever Formal Ball you wish were happening instead (actually, Thing #4 for one of those). Watch some thoroughbreds on a big TV while you down a slightly mint julepy beer concoction in a signature glass, just like our Southern ancestors would have wanted. You can also gamble on the races (like our bookie ancestors would have wanted) and eat food (like our prehistoric ancestors would have wanted). Plus, a hat contest!

  • Saturday, May 3rd • 3:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Center of the Universe Brewery, the center of the universe (JK, it’s at 11293 Air Park Road in Ashland)
  • Free!

4. Byrd House Bash

Fancy fundraisers to benefit a good cause are the best excuses to get dressed up, dance around, and be all like, “Oh goodness gracious! Did I happen to leave one of my slippers behind on the staircase as I fled when the clock struck?” The only problem, of course, is that you probably wear like a size 8 shoe, and if someone takes that thing door to door, they’re likely to find someone to fit into it. Just statistics. Anyway, this annual event features a silent auction, local brews, barbecue, and a wine tasting.

  • Saturday, May 3rd • 7:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Historic Tredegar, 500 Tredegar Street
  • $48.47

5. RVA Fashion Week

The best of all weeks, RVA Fashion Week is upon us! Score inside looks at local designers at various events in various places! There are parties and shows and runways and tons of inspiration everywhere! As always, they begged me desperately and with some tears in their eyes to PLEASE model all of their finest duds, but, as I do, I didn’t want to show anyone else up.

  • Through Saturday, May 3rd • see site for times
  • See site for venues
  • See site for admission to various events

Photo by: Joe Shlabotnik

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