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Oh, it’s big this weekend. REALLY big. Between the French Film Festival and some 10k race or other, you’ll have plenty to do. But we recommend finding time for the ballet, crooning, and art as well.

Family-oriented? Check out 5 Things for Families. You won’t be sorry, and you won’t miss naptime.

1. French Film Festival

My only dream in life is to shut everything down for one weekend and go see every single film at the annual French Film Festival. I would be tired, cranky, and wasted away from hunger afterwards, but hey, isn’t that what it’s like to be French? JK, France! University of Richmond and VCU pair up to bring us this beloved collection of French films, some of their makers, and a lot of Francophiles who don’t mind standing in line.

  • Thursday, March 27th – Sunday, March 30th
  • Byrd Theatre, 2908 W. Cary Street
  • $15 per film, see site for festival passes

2. Richmond Ballet Studio 2: New Works Festival

Our beloved ballet company is back in the studio after many larger-than-life performances at the Carpenter Theatre this year. Studio settings are my favorite–more intimate, more modern, and more accessible wine during intermission. The New Works Festival includes four different choreographers, each commissioned to put together a new piece for this event. And I’ve seen it! It ranges from cute to unsettling to beautiful, just as it should.

  • Through March 30th • see sites for times and dates
  • Richmond Ballet, 407 E. Canal Street
  • $20 and up

3. The Rat Pack Is Back!

Oh, you better believe it’s back. And it’s back with an exclamation point! This show recreates a night in Vegas with your favorite crooners, who are still cooler than cool, even when it’s just people pretending to be them. Music, obviously, but also humor and fine performances abound, so escort yourself back to a better(?) era. Just trust me, don’t try your hand at crooning on the way home. Eeeesh.

  • Friday, March 28th • 8:00 PM
  • Carpenter Theatre, 600 E. Grace Street
  • $48 – $68

4. Monument Avenue 10k

Just some 10k this weekend. No big deal. You can run it, watch it, avoid it, whatever you want, but there’s no denying that this is certainly a huge undertaking that involves every citizen of the U. S. of A. descending upon our city.

  • Saturday, March 29th • 8:30 AM
  • It’s an avenue in town with a bunch of monuments on it. Ask anyone, they’ll be able to direct you.
  • Free to watch! Walkup registration is $55


I keep sing-shouting “Thirty-five candllllllllles!” but it’s not really working for me. Luckily, no one’s asking. This combo live/silent auction benefits 1708 Gallery, and is in fact their big annual gala that hopefully stands to make them some big bucks while entertaining the mustard out of you. An enormous list of serious works stand to be auctioned off (you can stop by before the event to peruse the offerings), and it’s all just very exciting and beautiful. Which is how art should be, after it’s finished having all of its “meaning” and “significance.” Go help out a Richmond mainstay gallery that supports many creative people in town.

  • Saturday, March 29th • 7:00 PM
  • 1708 Gallery, 319 W. Broad Street
  • See site for sponsorship prices

Photo by: Mr.TinDC

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