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‘Twas the day after Christmas…

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and everyone groaned.
“What the eff are we supposed to do now?’ they all moaned.
Well, never you fear, all my children. You’re good.
There’s plenty to do and you’ll know what you should.

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— ∮∮∮ —

1. See a movie

Oh, it’s Oscar-watch time. And if you’re like me (heaven forbid) you spend way too much time closely monitoring Hollywood’s winter offerings for Oscar hopefuls. Make your predictions, start a pool, it’s all a ton of fun, and the by-product is that you get to watch many great movies (and a few terrible ones). We recommend American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave from experience, but also we’re planning to check out The Wolf of Wall Street, which just opened.

  • At your earliest convenience • whenever you like
  • Your favorite cinema
  • About $10

2. Keep the holidays alive

Luckily, Christmas-themed events tend to stick around until NYE, because, honestly, what else are we going to do with ourselves? You can still check out the lights of Monument Avenue on the Holiday Glitter Walking Tour, try a figure eight at RVA on Ice, or check out the Virginia Rep’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. If you just close your eyes and try really hard, you can pretend that it’s still, like, December 12th and you have so many days of the season ahead of you. For purists, the “twelve days of Christmas” have just begun.

  • Now until New Year’s • at your own pace
  • See sites for locations
  • Various prices


I can’t think of anything that will bring you back to reality less quickly than GWAR, Richmond’s disgusting sweethearts, who bring their always unforgettable, famously gory, and shockingly artistic show to the National this Sunday night. Don’t wear your Santa hat, no matter how hard you’re clinging to Christmas, because it’ll get covered with various fake bodily fluids. And I say “fake” with hope.

  • Sunday, December 29th • 8:30 PM
  • The National, 708 E. Broad Street
  • $20 in advance, $25 at the door

4. Plan your New Year’s Eve

The most stressful holiday of the season: you know you have to do something, but it’s so much pressure to plan. Will it be memorable? Will it be glittery? Will you have someone to kiss? Will you have to bring champagne? Will it be the night to end all nights? Do you wear a hat? Do you wear underwear? Here’s my tip: if you don’t have a house party to go to that you know without a doubt will be to your liking, try out area hotels, which typically have a thing going on, ask your favorite bar if they’re planning on having a DJ or something, or just gather some radical people and stick them all in your basement with lots of booze. It doesn’t have to be the Night to End All Nights. It just has to be a Night to End Some Nights.

  • Tuesday, December 31st • party o’clock
  • Pick your place
  • Various prices

5. Write your thank you notes

Honestly, people. There’s no excuse. If someone gave you a gift and you feel even a modicum of gratefulness, write them a note. Email will do, if you enjoy half-assing your friends and loved ones who have gone out of their way to find you a thoughtful gift, but just get out a damn pen and buy some notecards somewhere and get writing. “But what do I say?” you ask. How about “Thank you for your thoughtful gift of XYZ. I can’t wait to use it in the way in which it was meant. Great to see you the other night. Have a great 2014.” It’s not rocket science, it’s kindness.

  • Aim for December 31st
  • A comfortable place
  • The price of a stamp, a notecard, and a ballpoint pen

Future Things

Virginia Wine Expo – February 18th – 23rd

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