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Culture, cars, and commentators. If I were writing a paper about this weekend, that would be my title. Here are some high-falutin’ and some lower-falutin’ events for you to check out this weekend. They come highly recommended.

Culture, cars, and commentators. If I were writing a paper about this weekend, that would be my title. Below are some high-falutin’ and some lower-falutin’ events for you to check out this weekend. They come highly recommended.

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1. Richmond Ballet’s Studio 3 (Ma Cong World Premiere and La Belle Danse by Jessica Lang)

Everyone’s all “Oh, RVA, you’re so good at tattooing and music and drinking PBRs by a river!” but what they should be saying is, “Oh, RVA, you’re so good at all of those things, and you’re also graceful as all get-out!” Richmond Ballet has some serious skills that have been recognized worldwide as…serious skills. And their Studio Series is a really breathtaking thing to see. Catch them this weekend and next as they premiere a new Ma Cong work as well as La Belle Danse by RB favorite, Jessica Lang.

  • Thurs. Mar. 22 – Sun. April. 1 • 6:30 PM
  • Richmond Ballet Studio Theatre, 407 E. Canal St.
  • $30 (opening night, feat. bonus talks with choreographers as well as a delicious reception – $75.00)

2. 2012 Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show

Cars! Cars!! Cars 2!!! A lotta people love cars! We drive them, we wash them, we adorn them with stickers of Peeing Calvin. Get a sneak peek of major automakers’ newest innovations at the Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show. You’ll see sweet rides from exotic sports car manufacturers as well as pre-production models from Ford, Chevy, and more. And bring those dang kids! They’ll like it!

  • Fri. Mar. 23 – Sat. Mar. 24 • 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM • Sun. Mar. 25 • 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. 3rd St.
  • $9 (adults), $5 (senior citizens and military), $3 (children 3-12), free! (children under 3)

3. Richmond Forum – Charles Krauthammer and Richard Reich

If you’re alive, you know that these days, conversation is rife with political controversy. It’s become totally acceptable to say things like “I wouldn’t be friends with a member of [a political party I don’t personally identify with].” Guys! This isn’t us! Remember? America? Melting pot? Since when are we all convinced that the other half of us are evil? Hear what celebrated political commentator Charles Krauthammer and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich have to say about individual freedoms and their position in our society. What do we want? Something interesting to do on Saturday night! When do we want it? Um…Saturday night!

  • Sat. Mar. 24 • 8:00 PM
  • Landmark Theater, 6 N. Laurel St.
  • Here’s the thing. The Forum wants people to subscribe, so they don’t officially sell tickets to individual programs. But you can see if someone’s donated their subscriber ticket here.

4. Church Hill Irish Festival

Thought St. Paddy’s Day was over? THINK AGAIN! Church Hill brings it back year after year, one week later. “But…I just went to Shamrock the Block!” you say, dismayed. Well, sorry. Sorry for wanting you to have a good time. Sorry for delighting you with beer, food, and music. Guess we’ll cancel the whole thing because you’re “all funned out.”

  • Sat. Mar. 24 • 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Sun. Mar. 25 • 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Broad St. & 25th St., in front of St. Patrick’s Church
  • $2 donation to benefit all sorts of good causes

5. International Doula Week Richmond Film Festival

In the wake of all the hubbub about women’s reproductive rights, it may behoove you to round out your knowledge of the subject. Did you know that there is an entire community of birth professionals and concerned folks who provide a ton of resources for the soon-to-deliver? As many articles have recently pointed out, this information is important for both men and women to have under their belts (pun intended), as pregnancies, wanted or un-, have a fair amount to do with dudes. Attend the International Doula Week film festival and watch More Business of Being Born and DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion. You’ll leave with a lot more information than you had going in, which is something we could all say about babies, no?

  • Sun. Mar. 25 • 2:00 PM
  • Gallery 5, 200 W. Marshall St.
  • $10

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Bonus! Art Rodeo at Visual Arts Center

Making things with your own hands is one of the most satisfying things in the world, and it’s certainly easier than making something with someone else’s hands. Bring the family to the Visual Arts Center this Saturday for an Art Rodeo, where you’ll round up some cool projects like bookends, bandanas, sheriff stars, sheep, that sort of thing. You can chat with some talented artists and learn how to upcycle stuff around the house. Best of all, it’s expensive! JK! It’s free!

  • Sat. Mar. 24 • 1:30 – 3:30 PM
  • Visual Arts Center of Richmond, 1812 W. Main St.
  • Free! Although some projects cost $3.
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