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Christmas has come and gone, and 2011 is also about to bid adieu. But just because New Year’s Eve is on the horizon doesn’t mean that other things aren’t happening around town. Here’s 5 Things to tickle your imagination.

I know *sniff* what you’re thinking *sniff*. It’s the last *sniff* 5 Things for 2011. It’s been a great year for all…things…5 Things. And, although I’m sure 2012 will have even fivey-er and thingy-er 5 Things, we still have a duty to see 2011 through. So, without further ado, here are five totally awesome things on which to end 2011. Suit up!

1. New Year’s Eve

You may think of me as being quite the jolly fellow, but one thing that I am not jolly about is New Year’s Eve. It is the BIGGEST letdown of the year by far. Nothing ever goes well. Nothing. People build it up as being the most suspenseful, joyous time of the year, but it ends up looking more like this. But if you really want to venture out into the cold, heartless world that is humanity (OK, maybe I’m being a tad cynical) there’s a host of cool ways to spend the New Year. Check out our New Year’s Eve list of haps here.

  • Sat., Dec. 31 • All night, baby!
  • Various spots around town
  • Prices will vary

2. Harlem Globetrotters

Did you know that Henry Kissinger is an honorary Globetrotter? Such a strange world. Although Krusty the Clown may not be their biggest fan, the Harlem Globetrotters have actually been around since the 1920’s in one form or another. The current team will be in town to dazzle us with how they handle their balls.

  • Thur., Dec. 29 • 7pm
  • Richmond Coliseum, 601 E. Leigh Street
  • $18 – $102

3. Capital City Kwanzaa Festival

Kwanza is a week-long celebration observed from December 26th – January 1st every year. This Saturday is a Kwanzaa Festival, featuring music, a candle lighting, and a whole bunch more.

  • Sat., Dec. 31 • 1pm – 9pm
  • The Showplace, 3000 Mechanicsville Turnpike
  • FREE – $7

4. ExtravaganzApocalypse

Just read this description for a moment: “It’s an evening of Darwinism in Action, Poisonous Wit & Luscious Cabaret, followed by a full contact world circus music dance party hoedown.” How awesome is THAT!?!

Ultimately, it’s a combination of burlesque, circus arts, and music. Whether you have big plans for Saturday or not, this Friday night event sounds totes awesome.

  • Fri., Dec. 30 • 8pm
  • Gallery5, 200 W. Marshall Street
  • $10 (18+)

5. Arena Racing

It’s cold out, but you still want to see stupid-fast cars race one another. What do you do???? Take the action indoors! If getting crunked on New Year’s Eve isn’t your thing, and you’re the type of person that likes fast cars, then you are in luck! A bunch of fast cars will be motoring around the Richmond Coliseum this Friday. Treat yourself to some raucous fun before you ring in the New Year!

  • Fri., Dec. 30 • 7:30pm
  • Richmond Coliseum, 601 E. Leigh Street
  • $11 – $20


photo by tangi_bertin

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