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If you’re comatose after an eggnog and holiday truffle binge, let me pull you out of the emotional gutter before your stomach and self-respect explode like the gluttony victim in the film, Seven. I’ve got things, five things to be exact, that will make life worth appreciating…at least through the weekend—beyond that I can’t be held responsible.

Hark. Do I hear angels singing? Yes! And they’re harmonizing to the Rob Halford version of “We Three Kings!” Another reason for their jovial incantations is that the weekend is nigh and, unlike the looming monstrosity that will be the Donald Trump-moderated presidential primary debate, it is a good thing! Speaking of good things, here are five of ‘em.

1. VCU vs. University of Richmond

Allow me to be forthcoming: I don’t know anything about college basketball. So, I have no fracking idea what the Black & Blue Classic is. That being said, I do know that it will feature both the VCU and UR mens basketball teams facing off at the Siegel Center. Tickets are sold out, but StubHub had a few floating around for upwards of $65 a ticket.

Too steep for your budget? Dont’ worry, ESPN 2 will carry the game. If you’d like some camaraderie, we recommend the following bars and restaurants to help you enjoy the game:

– Mulligans, the Fan
– Stella’s, Near West End
– City Limits, West End
– Bellytimber, the Fan
– Banditos, Museum District

  • Sat., Dec. 11 • 8pm
  • Siegel Center
  • Tickets are sold out, best bet is to watch the game on ESPN 2

2. Christmas events

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend you take a moment and look at our Holiday Guide. One thing that we have in there that’s particularly appropriate for 5 Things is our “Things to do” list. If you mosey on over, you’ll find info on the RVA on Ice event, but more importantly, two events that are taking place this Saturday. The first is the James River Parade of Lights and the other is the 25th Annual Court End Christmas. Both events are worth checking out, so CHECK THEM OUT!

  • Sat., Dec. 10
  • Throughout RVA
  • FREE

3. Virginia Food and Wine Festival

If you feel you’ve been remiss in getting your Bacchanalia on, then this weekend you can kiss your remiss goodbye. Beginning in 2009, the holiday food and wine festival celebrates local wine and eats with sampling and speciality gifts for sale that will make any stocking more tasty for a loved one (maybe even yourself).

  • Sat., Dec. 10 • 12pm – 5pm
  • Farm Bureau Center at Meadow Event Park, off the Kings Dominion exit on 95
  • $12 ($6 for Farm Bureau Members)

4. Handel’s “Messiah”

While this is my favorite “Hallelujah” song, Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” is no slouch either. The latter song is one of the most famous parts of Handel’s “Messiah” oratorio. This Saturday, the Richmond Symphony (who are no slouches either) will be performing the musical accompaniment at the Carpenter Theatre. Put your copy of Jingle All the Way back on your DVD shelf, and do something with a little more class to celebrate the holidays people!

  • Sat., Dec. 10 • 7pm
  • Carpenter Theatre
  • $12 – $45

5. No BS! Brass Band

Can’t stand the holidays? Neither can I, nor my cat! Thankfully, there is a respite from all the tacky lights, the audio carnage that is Christmas music, and the capitalistic consumerism…the No BS! Brass Band! They’re going to be playing free Friday night and are (just like your mother) always a good time.

  • Fri., Dec. 9 • 10:30pm
  • Balliceaux, 203 Lombardy Street.
  • FREE
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Nathan Cushing

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