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I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not doing anything during my Thanksgiving weekend!” To that we say: YES YOU ARE! Just because the northern hemisphere will tilt as a result of the collective weight we’ll all gain this weekend doesn’t mean that there isn’t cool stuff going on. Here are 5 Things to help get you out of the house and get you some exercise.

Whether it’s turkey, Tofurkey, or a Smörgåsbord of Thanksgiving fare, our food will be well-chewed come Thursday evening. With jaw muscles throbbing and bellies bulging, our comatose bodies will likely be laid across a sofa or bed—whichever is closest—for a good portion of the weekend. But don’t forget that you, like many people, will have a four-day weekend (unless you work for Best Buy). Do you really want to waste it sitting indoors for four days? Whether you want to treat visiting family, or treat yourself by being away from your family, this is a good weekend to do so.

1. Garden Fest of Lights Illumination at Lewis Ginter

Like bright, shiny things? Well, Lewis Ginter will have about, oh, a half-million lights, along with Christmas decorations, trains, family activities, and more beginning this Friday. That’s right: it will be a cornucopia of f-ing awesome Christmas stuff. If Christmas is indeed your thing, then this is a great place to start.

  • Fri., Nov. 25 – Mon., Jan. 9
  • Nightly, 5pm – 10pm
  • Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
    $4 – $11

2. Improv Comedy featuring Nate from Nate’s Taco Truck

If hanging out with your family in close quarters is decidedly not your thing, you may want to entertain the idea of getting your entertainment elsewhere. The fine folks of the Richmond Comedy Coalition are putting together another installment of their improv comedy event, Richmond Famous. Nationally recognized Nate of Nate’s Taco Truck fame will be on hand to supply improv comedians with true tales to inspire their hilarious performance.

  • Fri., Nov. 25 • 8:30pm
  • Gallery5, 200 W. Marshall St.
  • $10 ($8 for students), includes one complimentary taco

3. Hansel and Gretel Opera

Let me say this right out of the chute: I just farted. No, wait! What I meant to say is that this Hansel and Gretel production is NOT a kid’s play. If you’re not an opera aficionado, this just might be a great place to test the opera waters to see if you can navigate its celestial, musical storm.

We have two tickets for the performance to give away, too!

  • Nov. 25 • 8pm
  • Carpenter Theatre, 6th and Grace streets
  • $29 – $107

4. Model Railroad Show

For whatever reason, it seems that every little boy loves him some trains. No, not these guys. I’m talking about the real deal here, people! Head to the Science Museum and watch model trains weave through little cities and detailed landscapes. While you’re there, learn about the science behind those model trains (and if learning and science aren’t your things, then just gawk at the awesome trains).

  • Fri., Nov. 25 – Sun., Nov. 27 • regular museum hours
  • Science Museum of Virginia, 2500 W. Broad St.
    Regular museum admission

5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  • Wed., Nov. 30 • 4pm & 8pm
  • Richmond Coliseum, 601 E. Leigh Street
  • $38.45 – $72.40

Like heavy metal guitars? Like Christmas? Then don’t walk—run—to next week’s performance at the Richmond Coliseum! I’m giving you a full week’s notice. There are two shows that day (4pm and 8pm) and if you want to get pumped for the holidays, there’s no better way to do it. If you’re unfamiliar with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, here’s a taste:

photo by stevendepolo

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